How to Find the First Match in a Range with a Wildcard

The first MATCH in a range with a wildcard helps you get the exact value you are looking for in a range without muddling up your data. Getting the first match in a set of data within a range could be a hard one. However, the wildcard function helps easily with this task.

Syntax for Finding the First Match in Range with Wildcard

=INDEX (range, MATCH (val & "*",range,0))

Explanation of the INDEX and MATCH Functions

Please note that the above syntax is a generic formula. To get the first range with a wildcard in your spreadsheet, you will have to model the formula around your data. The significance of the first match in a range with a wildcard is that you can simply call up the exact data you really need in a range without breaking a sweat. Getting a range value has never been easier.

We may want to get the first match in a range with data concerning a boutique for instance on varied items in the store.

Example Using this Function

Using the scenario above, we are going to create a table containing the items of a store with their associated parameters in Excel. The idea is to get the first match in a range with a wildcard function.

Step 1

Enter all your data correctly as seen in the image below.

Figure 1. Data correctly imputed before using the First Match in Range with Wildcard


Step 2

Enter the tag name of the value for which you want the range value.

Figure 2. Tag name entered

Step 3

Then, enter the formula =INDEX(A2:B2,MATCH(D2&"*",A2:B2,0))

Figure 3. Enter the formula for using the First Match in Range with Wildcard

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