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Dynamic lookup table with INDIRECT



Example and Justification

Figure 1. A dynamic Lookup table with INDIRECT

To permit a dynamic lookup table, you can utilize the INDIRECT function containing the named ranges within VLOOKUP.

In figure 1 the formula shown in G7 is:


How this formula functions

Initially, this is a standard VLOOKUP formula. The INDIRECT to return a valid table column.

In the figure shown above, two named ranges have been made: “table1” alludes to B5:C7, and “table2” alludes to B10:C12*.

INDIRECT gets the content in E7 (“table1”) and settle it the named range table1, which takes steps to B10:C12, or, in other words, VLOOKUP.

VLOOKUP plays out the lookup and returns 10 for the shaded “shoe” in table1.

I could see this being helpful when the query lookup figures out which page the data searched is on

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