Learn How to Use the Excel TRUE Function

The TRUE function is a function in Excel which is grouped under the Logistic function. This function can be used as a worksheet function (WS) which means it can be fixed into a formula in a cell of a worksheet.

What is the TRUE Function in Excel?

The TRUE function in Excel returns the value TRUE. The Boolean value TRUE can be used instead of the TRUE function and can also be applied directly into a formula.

Formula or Syntax of TRUE


Parameter or argument of the TRUE function

The TRUE function syntax does not require an argument or parameter.

How to use the TRUE Function in Excel

The TRUE function returns the value TRUE depending on the condition tested. The direct use of TRUE can also replace the TRUE function in a formula. Consider the simple example below.

  • Let’s say we have a table with numbers in different cells in a column. We want to find out if these numbers are less than 80.

Figure 1. Example of a table showing how to use the TRUE Function in Excel.

  • Let’s apply the TRUE function to these numbers in the table.

Figure 2. Applying the TRUE function in Excel.

  • The results are displayed after the logical operation has been carried out by the TRUE function.

Figure 3. Results after the use of the TRUE function.

  • The TRUE function can also be replaced by logical value TRUE because Excel interprets the TRUE function as TRUE.

Figure 4. The TRUE function replaced by logical value TRUE.

  • The results appear to be the same with the results when the TRUE function is used.

Figure 5. Same results from the TRUE and the TRUE function.

  • The FALSE here means that the number is not less than 80.


  • Logical expressions can also generate TRUE and FALSE results when used by themselves.

Figure 6. A Logical expression used as a formula to show the TRUE function.

Figure 7. The result TRUE confirms the straight use of Logical expressions

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