Count total characters in a cell

How to Count Total Characters in a Cell

Count total characters in a cell may look difficult especially if you have large content. But excel makes things very easy when it comes to this kind of counting. What you need is to apply a function in a formula and you are done. The LEN is the widely used function for the counting of characters in a cell. Here’s how the formula looks.



…..where A1 is the cell of interest.


We have got cells in the example that contain text. We want to get the actual count total characters in these cells using the formula discussed above. Check how we’ve done it:

Figure 1. Example 1 of LEN Function

The formula of the in the highlights cell (C5) is:


Here’s How the Formula Works

The LEN function counts all characters in cell B5, and that includes the space characters. It is also important to note that numbers and dates are counted in their raw form.


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