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To get a page from URL while working on excel spreadsheet, a formula can be used that comprises on many excel functions like SUBSTITUTE, RIGHT, REPT, and TRIM.


The formula to get a page from URL in excel worksheet is given below

=TRIM(RIGHT(SUBSTITUTE(url,"/",REPT(" ",100)),100))


Firstly, the above-mentioned formula substitute forward slashes by 100 spaces. From Right, it removes 100 characters thereby cleaning this utilizing TRIM function. The substitution is achieved by SUBSTITUTE and REPT like this:

=SUBSTITUTE(B5,”/”,REPT(” “,100))

At that point, RIGHT function removes last 100 letters of the sequence that is provided by SUBSTITUTE. At last, TRIM evacuates all driving and trailing characters and provides the result.


In this example, we have inserted two website links in the input list i.e. B5 and B6. The formula is entered in the C5 of the output list as shown in the figure.  

Figure 1 Example to get the page from URL in Excel


  • In the above formula, the usage of 100 is subjective.
  • It speaks to the maximum characters found after last forward “/” in the actual content.


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