A Guide to the ISTEXT Function in Excel

The ISTEXT function can be understood by its name. It determines whether the value entered in a cell “is text” or not. The IS function simply implies testing or identifying the required value of the text. And the Text functions stands for checking the value as Text input.

What is the ISTEXT function in Excel?

The ISTEXT function is a test function for Excel. It is inbuilt in the Excel, and it returns TRUE when a cell contains text otherwise FALSE. It is used to check if the value that is added in the cell is a numeric value or a text value.

How the ISTEXT function is used in Excel?

The ISTEXT function is very easy to use. As it is a test function, first a value is entered, and then the function is passed. After the test, the function will return a logical value. The exact method to use the function is given in the below section.

Formula or Syntax for the ISTEXT Function


Parameters or Arguments of the ISTEXT function

The ISTEXT function requires the following arguments:

  •         Value– The value to be checked
  •         Return Value– A logical value, i.e., True or False.

Example of the ISTEXT function

Now, let us take an example of an ISTEXT function.

  1. Enter some random text and numbers in the A cell. Then select the ISTEXT function and enter the value in the field.

 Figure 1. Enter text and numbers combined

  1. The function will return the value as True or False according to the Input. Perform the same step for other values too. You can also use another function to test the values altogether.

Figure 1. Use the function to find out the value is text or not

Note on Usage of ISTEXT function

There are some notes that must be taken into account while working with the ISTEXT function.

  •         Often the value is supplied as a cell address.
  •         The argument value of the IS function can’t be converted.
  •         The numeric value which is enclosed in quotation will be considered a text value.
  •         The function is helpful in formulas for testing the result of a calculation.
  •         The IF function combined with Text function provides a method for identifying errors in the values.

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