Excel EXACT Function

Generic formula

=EXACT(text1, text2)


The Excel Exact function is used to compare two different texts or strings. EXACT function is case-sensitive. Keeping in mind that if the characters used in the formula are upper and lower case, it should return True for the same case letters and False for different case letters.

The following example depicts the formula used in (B4, C5) in order to achieve results for Excel EXACT Function.


Figure 1- Generic formula of Excel EXACT Function

How does this work?

The Excel EXACT function is a very efficient way to find the difference between two characters or strings. The column number used in the formula compares the strings and give perfect results.

The Excel EXACT function can also differentiate between case-sensitive alphabets. You can achieve different results by using capital and small alphabets at the start of the string.

The formula is very simple to use. Just write two different strings in different columns and use those column numbers in the EXACT Excel formula to get the right results.

Example 1

For example, the EXACT formula gives an output for column and row (B6, C6) with the following strings:

=EXACT(B6, C6)


This Excel EXACT function used for (B6, C6) has given a FALSE result because of the case sensitive alphabets used at the start of each text.  

Figure 2- Excel EXACT Function

Example 2

=EXACT(D6, E6)


This Excel EXACT formula used for (D6, E6) has given a TRUE result because of the case sensitive alphabets used at the start of each text and same spellings of each text.

Figure 3- The related example of Excel EXACT function

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