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Get same date next month

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One of the most commonly used formats in Microsoft Excel is dates. Over time, Excel has added some very cool features regarding dates. One such feature is to get the same date next month. We can do it using the EDATE function in Excel. In this tutorial, we will learn how to get same date next month in Excel.

Figure 1. Example of How to Get Same Date Next Month in Excel

Generic Formula



The EDATE function can generate same date next month. It uses two arguments: start_date and months. To get the same date in the future, we need to provide the date as start_date. We need to use 1. This will generate the same date next month.

Setting up Data

The following example contains some sample dates. They are in column A.

Figure 2. The Data Set

To find the same date next month:

  • We need to go to cell B2.
  • Next, we need to go to Formulas>Insert Function. In the search for a function box type EDATE and click Go.

Figure 3. Selecting the EDATE Function

  • In the select a function box, we need to click on EDATE and press Ok.
  • Next, we need to input the arguments. For the start_date we need to insert A2 and for months we need to type 1.

Figure 4. Setting the Arguments

  • Lastly, we need to click OK. We need to drag the formula using the fill handle from cells B2 to B6.

Figure 5. The Function in Action

This will show the same date next month in column B.


We can also find the same date previous month. To find the same date previous month for the last example, we need to assign the  formula =EDATE(A2,-1) to cell B2.

Figure 6. Get Same Date Previous Month

This will show the same date in the previous month in column B.

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