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Get same date next month

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In this tutorial, you will learn how to get the same date next month. To be able to calculate this day, you will have to get familiar with EDATE function. This function returns a date in a certain number of months.

Get the same date next month




Let’s first look at EDATE function definition. This function returns a date in a selected number of months. Parameters of the function are Date – a date for which we want to add a certain number of months. Months – a number of months that we want to add on a selected date. Because in our case we want to get the same date next month, we will put 1 month.

Example 1

In our example, we have dates in column B (“Date”), while in column C we want to get the same date next month. Let’s look at the formula:




Figure 1. Get the same date next month

As you can see from the picture, we want to find the same date next month in the cell C3 for a date in cell B3 (30-Jun-17). The result in cell C3 will be the date in B3 plus 1 month which is 30-Jul-17.


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