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Get date from day number

We can easily use excel DATE function to get date from day number of a given year. This function is useful when we know the day number, say nth day of the year, and we want to know its date. This post provides a clear guide on how to use the DATE function to get date from day number.

Figure 1: How to use DATE function to get date from day number

General syntax of the formula

=DATE (year, mnth, daynumber)


  • Year- refers to the year of which you want to get the date
  • Month- Refers to the month
  • Daynumber- refers to the number of the day

How the formula works

This function easily identifies the dates given the day numbers. The function can build the dates from separate year, month and day values. It is able to roll forward to correct dates when the days and months supplied are out of range.

In our example above, we have the day number in column D, and would like to have the specific dates in column E. to do this, we simply feed the formula =DATE(2017,3,C4) into cell D4 and press Enter. To get the dates for the other entries, we simply copy down the formula across the other cells in the column.


Figure 2: Example of how to get date from day number


Step 1: Fill the “Day of the year” column with the number of days you have.

Step 2: In the date column, D, put the formula in cell B2, =DATE(2017,3,A2)

Step 3: Press Enter to get the date of the year.

Step 4: Copy down the formula to get dates for the other days.

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