Excel TIMEVALUE Function

The TIMEVALUE function is the one which can convert a text time value to an Excel serial number or Excel time.

What is TIMEVALUE function in Excel?

The TIMEVALUE function in Excel is the one which returns time in the decimal number form represented as a text string.

How the TIMEVALUE function is used in Excel?

The TIMEVALUE function takes a text value as an argument and converts a TIME value to a decimal number representation in Excel e.g. 12:00 PM is 0.5 in Excel as it is half of a day. We will discuss the proper use of this method in a further section.

Formula or Syntax


Parameters or Arguments of a TIMEVALUE function

The agreement in the TIMEVALUE function is:

  •         Time_text: Required. The timed text is the string that represents time in Excel format.


An example of the TIMEVALUE function is given below. Follow the steps to learn the working of the TIMEVALUE function:

  1. Enter any time value as time text in the A cell. You can enter the text string in any one of the Excel time formats.

  Figure 1. Enter the time text value

  1. Then select the TIMEVALUE function from the Date and Time tab and it will open a window. Select the time text cell and the then tap on OK.

Figure 2. Insert the TIMEVALUE function

  1. The decimal value of the time will be returned to the B cell.

Figure 3. The decimal value is returned

If the value of time text is not valid, then the function will return a #VALUE! Error

Figure 4. Invalid time text gives an error

Note on Usage of TIMEVALUE function

The notes on usage are listed below:

  •         In the time_text field, the date information is ignored.  
  •         The time value is the portion of data value represented by a decimal form.
  •         The TIMEVALUE function will return the #VALUE! Error if the time is not recognized by the function.
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