Excel EOMONTH Function

The TRUE function is a function in Excel which is grouped under the Date/Time function. This function can be used as a worksheet function (WS) which means it can be fixed into a formula in a cell of a worksheet.

What is the Excel EOMONTH Function?

The Excel EOMONTH function returns a serial date of the last day of the month of the specified number of months before or after the specified start date.

Formula or Syntax


Arguments or Parameters

The Excel EOMONTH function syntax has the following arguments:

  • start_date (required) – The initial date used for the calculation. The start_date should be in Excel date serial number format.
  • months (required) – The number of months from start_date. This could be positive (future dates) or negative (past dates).

How to use the EOMONTH Function in Excel?

The Excel EOMONTH function is used to determine the date at the end of a month, that is, the number of months beyond a start date.

  1. Let’s consider the table below in which start dates and months are provided.

Figure 1. A table for the illustration on how to use the EOMONTH function.

  • Let’s apply the Excel EOMONTH function formula to the table. The “start_date” parameter is entered first in the formula.

Figure 2. The EOMONTH function showing the “start_date” parameter.

  • The “months” parameter is applied to the formula.

Figure 3. The EOMONTH function showing “months” parameter.

  • The EOMONTH function returns the results in serial numbers.

Figure 4. The EOMONTH function returns the results in serial numbers.

  • To change the serial numbers to date, press the HOME > then, go to the number format and click on the Date format which can be long or short.

Figure 5. Serial numbers created by the EOMONTH function changed to Date format.


  • Positive values represent the future dates and negative values for past dates in the month parameter.
  • The Excel EOMONTH function will return the #NUM! error value if start_date is not a valid date or its addition to months is an invalid date.
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