Summary count with percentage breakdown


=COUNTIF (range, criteria)/COUNTA (range)

In order to get a summary count with percentage breakdown while using Excel, you can use this formula. This formula is a combination of two Excel functions the COUNTIF/COUNTIFS and COUNTA. An example has been taken for this post and a formula has been applied to cell H4. The syntax of this formula is as follow:

=COUNTIF (category, F4)/COUNTA (category)

The function COUNTIF is basically used to count cells that come in the data range that has been selected in a formula. Here, this category has been referred from B5 to B122. In this example, a reference to H4 has been used in this example which direct to get a value from column F. the other function being used in this formula to get summary count with percentage breakdown is COUNTA whose major function is to count all non-blank cells that come under the selected category of range which is in this case from B5 to B122. After this, a total count is generated by this formula.

In Column H, all the values are formatted with a specific number format which is a percentage. The result that comes from COUNTIF function is then divided by the result of COUNTA in order to generate a percentage.

Figure 1. Example of the Summary count with a percentage breakdown

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