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Excel CELL Function

We can use the Excel CELL function if we want to get certain information in a given worksheet. Information regarding things like the address, file name and others can be found using Excel CELL function. This post provides a clear guide on how to use the Excel CELL function.

Figure 1. Final result

Syntax of the formula

=CELL(info-type, [reference])


Info_type– is the information to return regarding the reference

Reference- the cell reference from which to extract the information. This is optional.

Understanding the CELL function

The CELL function is fundamental when extracting a wide range of information regarding some references. When using this function, we need to specify the kind of information we are seeking to extract as info-type, and wrap it inside double quotes. When you just put the info_type without the double quotes, then the formula will return an error. When you enter the CELL function, a drop-down list shows up showing all the info_type available. You can then select from the list.

Note that the CELL function returns a text value as the return value.

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