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I have two very large sets of numerical data on the same excel file but on two different sheets and I need to compare them and highlight any differences. Data Set number 1 is all just in one column, But data set number two is also in one column but there is a lot of other data that is not relevant. I used a pivot table, to sum up all of the numbers I needed in Data set 2 and then I summed up the numbers in data set 1 and there was a difference so I need to have excel highlight that difference
Solved by M. H. in 57 mins
I have a project which requires me to calculate lifetime value using pivot tables, sumifs and indexing.
Solved by O. L. in 60 mins
I need to be able to convert a pivot table of 4 columns and 100 rows into two tables of 4 columns and 50 rows each? How might I do this?
Solved by X. F. in 20 mins
I want to only count unique instances of an array in a pivot table. For example client A has been invoiced twice for Product B and 3 times for Product C. I want to count the fact that Client A has used Product B and Product C ( ie a value of 1 for each) and not 2 for A and 3 for B
Solved by G. U. in 60 mins
How can I set up a pivot table to show "count of" totals by year across different columns (instead of just filtering year by year)
Solved by O. E. in 19 mins
I have a pivot table with data points per month and I am putting that into a spreadsheet (a budget). My problem is that I can't figure out to escalate each data point per column, i.e. ='Pivot Table 1'!E3 then the next column pulls from ='Pivot Table 1'!E4, the next ='Pivot Table 1'!E5...SO, how do I write a formula the right way?
Solved by E. C. in 11 mins
I added data to my table. Ive refreshed the pivot table but when I access "builder" within the table, I don't see my new column listed.
Solved by B. C. in 39 mins
I have a problem on creating a bubble chart from a pivot table.
Solved by V. Y. in 22 mins
Just wondering how I insert a pivot table, i know how to do in excel but can't find a similar function using Google Sheets
Solved by D. F. in 30 mins
How to create a excel in a cell same as pivot table
Solved by S. B. in 20 mins
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