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COUNTIFs are slowing a spreadsheet down terribly. Need and alternative formula or method
Solved by C. C. in 17 mins
I'm using a COUNTIFS statement that includes ">5/1/2017". It is working fine, and it is used in several cells. I would like to be able to put whatever date in a cell, and reference that cell instead - so that I can update that date once instead of editing all the formulas. When I try this, the formula doesn't work correctly; I suspect because it doesn't realize that cell's contents should be handled as a date. Any advice?
Solved by I. W. in 25 mins
I have a spreadsheet that i trying to mine the data. i want to know how many tests were run per day. problem is there are multiple data points that makes the data look bigger then it is. I'm trying to pull a"600" out using countifs but i found i have more then one 600 per test. Pressure goes up to 600-605 or so and then back down. so there might be two 600's per test. only need to count one.
Solved by D. C. in 16 mins
countifs formula in tab 1 column G5 count how many of what is listed on column e5 between the dates from column g3 and g4. Data is coming from Tab 4 columns AJ to AO.
Solved by D. W. in 25 mins
Need a countifs formula to count the amount of an specific item sold monthly. The item is listed as 300 and found in tab 3 Product & Market. I need the formula to be in Tab 6 Product Sales in column B and C for the respective year and month. I dont want a pivot table, i want the formula to count how many of that item was sold during the month.
Solved by M. S. in 26 mins
I'm trying to use a countifs formula and it's just not working. Ive tried: =COUNTIFS(H3761:27790, M3761, G3761:27790, "MG") =COUNTIFS(H3761:27790,"*"&M3761&"*", G3761:27790, "*"&$R$1&"*") =COUNTIFS(H3761:27790,"*"&M3761&"*", G3761:27790, "*"&MG&"*")
Solved by S. H. in 26 mins
I need a formula that will pull items from a certain column, depending on two other criteria related to two other columns, and print out every instance that matches all of the above once and only once, and stop printing when all instances are printed. Currently have been relying on this for half of the job (printing one, and only one, instance of every unique element), but have not been able to incorporate the other two criteria: =ArrayFormula(index(RawData!$E$2:$E$500000, match(0, COUNTIFS($C$1:$C12,RawData!$E$2:$E$5000),0)))
Solved by I. F. in 26 mins
I need a formula for the following: I want to count how many values in A3:A225 exactly match values in Z3:Z225 that are greater than 0, for people who are age 55 (I have a separate column AK3:AK225 that lists ages). I thought I could use =IFERROR(COUNTIFS($Z$3:$Z$225,$AH$3:$AH$225",$AK$3:$AK$225,"=55",$AH$3:$AH$225,">0"),0) but this keeps returning 0 and I know there should be at least 1 match. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated!
Solved by Z. L. in 21 mins
trying to count number of each package sold between two dates (using data validation list) - data includes: - date sold (B1:B10) - package sold on each date (D1:D10) (data validation list) - names of each package for drop down list: Q1:Q3 -start date and end date for each month (N9 and O9) this didn't work :COUNTIFS(D3:D5,Q2,B3:B8,">="&N9,B3:B8,"<="&O9) I also tried a formula I successfully used to total the earnings: SUMIFS(price,dates,">="&P25,dates,"<="&Q25)
Solved by O. C. in 12 mins
I am trying to combine 2 countifs formulas and I cannot get them to work together.
Solved by F. H. in 26 mins