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I need help with COUNTIFS formulas. Expert required only
Solved by V. J. in 19 mins
Solve an average size - want to look at name on tab QScorecard B3, then look at the data tab - needs to sumifs ( new/existing business) column C, and Column D = Closed won and return ($$$$) then also countifs same criteria but solve ($$$$)/ count to give us the Average size
Solved by F. E. in 11 mins
I need a formula that will count the number of text events in tab 1, column BN, between two dates (j field to the right vs. tab 1, column E). I cannot get the countifs function to work...
Solved by E. H. in 20 mins
hello I keep getting " this formula is wrong " message whenever I'm trying to write COUNTIFS , and I'm sure I'm writing the write formula
Solved by S. W. in 17 mins
I need help creating the output for a table. I believe I can use a ISNUMBER(SEARCH()) or COUNTIFS() formula but I am not sure
Solved by G. H. in 11 mins
I need a countifs formula for text values that ignores duplicate values but I can attach other countifs criteria to
Solved by F. Q. in 17 mins
I need help with countif google sheets. I need formulas that will dynamically update as new sheets are added to the workbook. I think they will be multi-variable COUNTIFS statements.
Solved by S. S. in 29 mins
I need help creating a COUNTIFS formula that dynamically updates when new sheets are added.
Solved by C. U. in 27 mins
Hi, I'm trying to create a football table that takes the data directly from the scoresheet. Eg Team A beat Team B 3-2. Therefore, I want the table to show Team A have won that game and that Team B have lost it. If they draw, I want it to show that too. I think it's COUNTIFS but I'm not sure how to use it... help please!!!
Solved by B. B. in 25 mins
i am using a countifs formula to find a value that meets the criteria between a date rage and a specific value. however the specific vaue is from another formula =left & =right so it comes back as #value!
Solved by C. E. in 13 mins