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I need help fixing an error in one of my pivot tables? The error that I receive is the following. The pivot table name is not valid. to create a pivot table report , you must use data that is organized as a list with labeled columns.
Solved by K. A. in 23 mins
I have a large file with numerous tabs of pivot tables. Recently when you filter or manipulate the table some cells turn to black fill instead of keeping formatting. How do I fix this?
Solved by K. H. in 13 mins
I'm having problems with creating 3 small pivot tables.
Solved by T. J. in 30 mins
Tell me details about Pivot tables. Specially where it is used?
Solved by C. Q. in 21 mins
I have an excel sheet that is saved in .xlsx format. on sheet 1 has 4 pivot tables that update with data dynamically. i've named those columns and used data validation named range in dependent data validation drop downs on sheet 2 ( 4 of them) in a table. The drop downs work correctly up until the point when i reopen the book. the two drop downs to the right of the table still show but my lists do not pop-up for those. when i go to the data validation options for that cell and not change the formula but just press "ok" , the drop down works again.
Solved by M. E. in 29 mins
I need to count the number of unique orders in a spreadsheet (tab Data Dump) where the following are true. Let's take cell O2 in the PC SKU Report for example. It should count the number of unique orders (corresponding value of column E in the Data Dump tab) where: 1. The date of the order is within a specified between (and including) cell K2 in the PC SKU Report tab and cell L2 in the same tab. 2. The SKU from the Data Dump tab (column G) matches N2 in the PC SKU Report tab. 3. The source key matches from the Data Dump tab (column D) matches M2 from the PC SKU Report tab. I don't want to use pivot tables. Please advise.
Solved by Z. S. in 11 mins
I have an assignment. I have to create a pivot table report in excel
Solved by O. C. in 27 mins
hello, I need help with formatting in pivot tables. thank you.
Solved by C. B. in 19 mins
I have a dataset and pivot tables. Charts not changing when downloaded on a different computer
Solved by Z. D. in 21 mins
I want to improve my excel skills and especially for using of pivot table in excel
Solved by O. J. in 29 mins