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Every month we copy the worksheet we are working on over, rename the worksheet for the current month, update the figures, and then update the pivot table on that worksheet to pull from the new figures. For some reason, this no longer works. We tell the worksheet to pull from July's tab and then hit refresh, but it's still pulling from June.
Solved by K. E. in 20 mins
Hi when I try and refresh my data input i receive a message saying Pivot Table field name is not valid
Solved by C. U. in 25 mins
Hi when I try and refresh my data input i receive a message saying Pivot Table field name is not valid when I try and change the data source it won't accept the whole range only 5 lines of it not 700! I am sorry I am not sure what you mean by the file?
Solved by A. C. in 24 mins
Please see the attached Pivot table. I am unable to Re-select Source data to Refresh Pivot table. Which is very furustrating. Everytim I add new data - its not possible to refresh the Pivot Table to include the New data.
Solved by Z. F. in 18 mins
How to refresh Pivot Table Data
Solved by C. D. in 17 mins
Hi, I'm looking to create a from by typing in the reg and it pulling through the data from the data tab. I've tried this as a VLookup but it only pulls through the first line and there may be more than one line under each reg for repair history. I tried doing this as a pivot table, but I don't like the layout of it and wanted to be able to type in a reg and it search for the data rather than filtering. I've tried a combination of both by creating a macro to copy the data from cell A1, refresh the data in the pivot table, filtering by pasting the results from A1 then copying the relevant data I require onto the form tab. It works, but when I change the reg it remembers the actual reg text from the macro rather than the act of copying and pasting the data in A1 from the form. Can you help me please?
Solved by K. J. in 14 mins
When I refresh pivot table my field list disappears and information?
Solved by I. B. in 20 mins
After I enter new information into excel sheet. I then save. When I refresh pivot table my field list is empty and it doesn't source the information anymore?
Solved by E. E. in 19 mins
pivot table wont refresh. I dont know how to fix it
Solved by S. Q. in 15 mins
My pivot table will not refresh so it won't convert data to table for proper calculations in my connected pivot table
Solved by I. H. in 14 mins