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Need to apply the conditional formatting: D4:R14 COLOR OF CELL HAS TO CHANGE IF THE LEAD TIME OF THE VEHICLE NUMBER AGAINST THE STATUS e.g RJ14UE1227 HAS STATUS AS A "AWAITING VEH ESTIMATION" HAS CROSSES THE STANDARD LEAD TIME THEN ITS SHOULD Tern red. Standard lead time is define in" Data sheet: I4:AC8" first we have to check the JOB Category in column "D" AND THEN current condition with reference to column "G' for that current condition formula has to calculate the standard lead time then actual lead time has to calculate by considering today date & received data from Colum no "J"
Solved by D. H. in 21 mins
I am trying to build a quote system for a printing business. I have 2 sizes of paper, 4 color choices, and 4 price ranges (price changes depends on total quantity ordered). I want to create a simple quote builder where I can select my options on drop down menus, then it will pull the correct price. I don't think this is very hard, but I'm not sure what formulas/functions to use or how to best set up my data table. Someone built me the attached one, but I changed the prices and deleted the paper weight option. The new prices are on the tab marked CLIENT PROVIDING PAPER.
Solved by G. A. in 16 mins
Solved by O. C. in 12 mins
I have a problem regarding to How to Use Conditional Formatting to Change Cell Background Color Based on Cell Value
Solved by E. Y. in 28 mins
When using Excel 365 and selecting a Cell to Insert Text the Color of the Border is Green. I want to Enhance the Border and Make it Wider and then Also Change the Color. Then when using Tab the next Box would have the same Wide Border and the new Color (not Green). I can't find any instructions anywhere that deals with these changes/
Solved by D. A. in 17 mins
Create a new conditional formatting rule that displays any Inventory Value for the Food & Health department with a value of $30,000 or more as Red fill color (second column, last row). There will be two qualifying entries.
Note, Mac users select the range G2:G78. Then in the New Formatting Rule dialog box, select the style Classic.
Solved by E. E. in 18 mins
I'm creating a timeline for projects and want to use a formula to create a gantt chart that adds prep days before the event and connects to a color coded legend. I have the inspiration for my chart and the chart I've made so far.
Solved by F. H. in 20 mins
I'm creating a timeline for projects and want to use a formula to create a gantt chart that adds prep days before the event and connects to a color coded legend. The person working on my problem a few minutes ago sent me a work in progress file before we were disconnected, which is attached here. This is what still needs to be done: 1. Date of event should be part of the bar. 2. Replace horizontal lines in Event area. 3. Fix the header and red lines on the sides of column AA. 4. Set up so bars are automatically color coded to the legend (which refers to Dept in the event list).
Solved by O. W. in 23 mins
I'm working on a timeline Gantt chart. How can I automatically color code the bars to match the legend, which refers to Depts in the data files under Events?
Solved by D. H. in 14 mins
I have three columns, 1st = title of project. 2nd = project due date. 3rd = expected completion date. I need to use conditional formatting to color the title for each project either green (if expected completion date is 30 or more BUSINESS days before due date), yellow (if expected date is between 30 and 15 business days before due date), or red (if expected date is 15 or less business days before due date).
Solved by T. Q. in 13 mins