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I need a conditional formatting formula that includes color highlights at 150 vehicle hour intervals (green, yellow & red). The spreadsheet covers the span of a month as we enter data on a daily basis. The cells are running totals of the day prior but when the interval of 150 is reached, we would like to see a color highlight indicator for action.
Solved by B. C. in 25 mins
Hi, I have a question related to line graphs. I want the line to be a different color in different data points. Is that possible?
Solved by T. Q. in 15 mins
I need to add a fill color to cells in a column that are greater than 0 if a cell if row 1 in a different column contains today's date.
Solved by B. S. in 28 mins
VBA HELP (I already have done the fill color to yellow I can not figure out the next steps Using VBA, in column D of the worksheet, enter “Invalid Part Number” for a row that does not have a valid part number (one that begins with a letter). Change the Fill color to yellow. Next, part numbers that are even numbers are ones the firm produces itself, while ones that are odd numbers they purchase from an external source. Again, using VBA, for the valid part numbers display in column D, “Ours” for the ones we produce and “Purchase” for the ones we get from external sources.
Solved by B. J. in 15 mins
I was working on a Excel online spreadsheet, proof reading. I got up for a moment, and all the changes I made to the sheet disappeared. I basically changed the column color, for items that I changed. When I got back to working, the color changes were gone. Several hours of work gone. Any way to find my changes?
Solved by V. C. in 29 mins
I need a line graph that I can put in PowePoint based on the excel spreadsheet attached. It should be titled Atlanta-Room Supply, Demand and Occupancy % change. There should be 3 different lines on the graph. On the left axis is should start with -12 at the bottom and go to 15 at the top. The bottom should list the years starting in 2007 going to 2017. Each line of the graph should be in a different color. There should also be a leger showing which color is equated to which metric.
Solved by A. S. in 17 mins
Attached is an excel sheet which compares Weekday versus Weekend ADR. It starts in 2010 and ends in 2017. I need a line graph with 2 lines that shows these comparisons. It should be titled ADR and show which color of the line equates to either weekday or weekend.
Solved by A. C. in 22 mins
Attached is an excel spreadsheet which contains 3 sets of data. Supply, demand and occupancy change. I need a line graphs which contains 3 different lines and has the years labeled at the bottom. The left side of the graphs should be numbered starting with negative 12 at the bottom and going in increments of 3 until 15 at the top. Each line should be correlated to a certain color which is labeled.
Solved by M. H. in 12 mins
I want to add all the numbers in a column that are a specific font color, i.e., black.
Solved by V. U. in 25 mins
I need a formula to have the sum of horizontal cells but an error appears. How can I make that green color error disappear?
Solved by T. U. in 13 mins