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I have a formula that says to go to a Vlookup table and pull a person's name that is assigned to a given date. When the computer clock changes to the next day at midnight, it pulls the person assigned to the next day. I need to add 6 hours to this action before it goes to the next day. Basically, pull data by date from a lookup table with dates but a clock that goes from 6:30 AM to 6:30 AM.
Solved by S. W. in 16 mins
I'm very new to Excel so please forgive me for sounding dumb. I'm making a spreadsheet for an audit of Year 7 laptops at my school. I'm using a Vlookup formula that refers to data from another sheet. When i use a bar code scanner on the laptops I get the name of the student using the laptop and their class. I need to find a way of figuring out how to see what students have been scanned and who hasn't. I would like to be able to make a filter to see this on the data sheet.
Solved by G. Y. in 12 mins
I am looking for an Excel formula that will take information from more than one row (column name is 'Line Total') on one spreadsheet and post the total to one row (column name is 'Invoice Total before taxes) on a separate Excel spreadsheet. The common variable is our PO (purchase order number). I hope this is enough information for you (this looks as though this is a VLookup scenario if I'm not mistaken. Thank you!
Solved by E. F. in 21 mins
I need excel formula. Col A "BAU" which has BND, C/M, RMC, TBM and Col B "Curr" which has CAD, USD. Need vlookup and count formula which will count CAD+C/M, CAD+TBM and if not both available then either of it
Solved by O. J. in 28 mins
i need to rectify vlookup formula i used in sheet. can you guide how to structure it
Solved by Z. S. in 30 mins
Need help with VLOOKUP formula and to be able to do subtotals
Solved by X. U. in 22 mins
hello, what is the problem with this formula please? =if('extract fcst'!$B$1:$B$100="SOUTHAFRICA"; ISNA(VLOOKUP('Ecom only'!$B10;'extract fcst'!E:F;2;0));"0") 
Solved by A. Y. in 21 mins
hi, I am looking to create a vlookup but the formula does not seem to be working. are you able to help?
Solved by V. U. in 24 mins
in the above attached salary sheet we seperate to files with the name of A and B in the A File we have Employee Code, Name of employee and Punching Code where as in B File we have punching Code and Date of joining with blank coloumn of employee name. i wont employee name in b coloumn with the help of vlookup formula.
Solved by V. W. in 23 mins
Hi, I have 2 excel sheets, and i am using the vlookup formula to pick the required details.It just doesnt pull up
Solved by D. D. in 28 mins