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spreadsheet which I am looking to get modified. I use it for Fx trading and looking at returns of each currency pair.. I am looking to add on extra sheets With the same formula and on the pitot table I’m looking to add on extra columns which are the sum of profits and above it will be sheet 1, 2 and 3. So basically the pivot table stays much the same except there will be and extra columns for sum of profits for each sheet. I may have up to a total of 30 sheets open so will need 30no columns with sum of profits. Also when I adjust the numbers in the report it doesn’t adjust the figures in the pivot table.
Solved by V. W. in 24 mins
I need to sum amounts using sumifs for a range of days
Solved by I. F. in 28 mins
I need to say whether the sum of a column if equal or over $2000
Solved by V. U. in 26 mins
I need to sum a cell, only if another cell is another colour
Solved by V. C. in 27 mins
Can I use an if statement in data validation . for example in Cell A1 I have a total percentage sum formula l that will be between 1 and 100. somehow I want to data validate the cell so that if the sum is over 100% an error is given. Can that be done
Solved by F. W. in 29 mins
I need a formula to do excel find highest value in column H while making sure their respective sum of column A is under 60,000.
Solved by M. F. in 11 mins
I need a formula to sum the total number of hours worked within a date range, separating hours worked on sundays and local holidays, and hours worked on regular workdays.
Solved by C. L. in 30 mins
I need to set a formula that can sum two or more same value.
Solved by V. H. in 13 mins
correct function used in cell A3 to calculate the sum of values in NumAttedig column
Solved by K. W. in 15 mins
I am needing some help with a formula to sum data numbers across multiple entries. I have played with the sumif formula, and it does what i need, but only with one column of "range". I am needing to do this across 22 columns of "range". I have an example of what I am trying to do to show.
Solved by T. J. in 21 mins