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I cannot work the solver for excel I am trying to find the max amount of weight i can fit in a knapsack
Solved by T. Y. in 11 mins
Hi, I am trying to create a formula in excel that would do the following things: 1. Scan a column (B) and find out what times work was performed. (Eg- 2pm- 7pm) 2. Then run that hours against a range and see if the max hours worked fall within the specified range or outside of it. (Eg-Range 3pm-6pm) 3. If the hours are withing the range change he labor category accordingly to L1 or L4. See attached spreadsheet. Any help would be appreciated.
Solved by C. B. in 21 mins
I need assistance regarding a formula to pull a specific phrase from a cell containing a sentence. I am using the following : =INDEX($AB$2:$AB$146;MAX(IF(ISERROR(SEARCH($AA$2:$AA$146;'[January 2018 C3D.xls]January 2018'!R7));-1;1)*(ROW($AB$2:$AB$146)))) however it is failing to pull the information through and seems to not exact match the values.
Solved by K. D. in 28 mins
This is a portion of one of our employee's workout program. For the purposes of this test we will be focused how the values in cells B5-B7 are calulated. For the purposes of this test some concepts may be helpful but are not critical. An e1RM is an estimated 1 Rep Max, that means the maximal lift that can be accomplished for a specific exercise. Reps is repetitions, or the number of the exercises to be completed, and RPE is rate of percieved exertion, rated 6-10, 6 being the easiest, 10 being the hardest. You can roughly calculate the weight to use based upon your current e1RM and the E1RM sheet in this workbook.
Solved by E. E. in 25 mins
is sorting data and filtering Data the same thing? also wmat does this mean? "turn on total row and set in various functions: SUM,COUNT,AVERAGE,MIN,MAX
Solved by A. J. in 18 mins
Set up and solve using Excel Solver. Max: 3Xa + 5Xb + 3.5Xc+4.5Xd – 37Ya – 53Yb -45Yc-35Yd S.T. 5Xa + 8Xb <= 835 - 3Xc-3Xd 22Xa + 18Xb + 30Xc <= 1950 Xa >= 105-Xd Xa <= 9999Ya Xb <= 9999Yb Xc <= 9999Yc Xd<=9999Yd Xa, Xb, Xc, Xd >=0 Xa, Xb, Xc, Xd =Int (Integer variables) Ya, Yb, Yc, Yd = Bin (binary variables)
Solved by F. Y. in 11 mins
I would like to have a minimum and maximum calculator the trendline
Solved by K. C. in 26 mins
how to find maximum value? I'm not sure if this can even done. Attached is an example of someone trying to get a loan. I need to know what the maximum loan amount is when the debt to income ratio = 49.5% and the salary is a variable that we have to input in
Solved by O. J. in 29 mins
I need help with this In addition, the dashboard should have two more sections in it. The first section should be a Yearly dashboard view. In it, we want a drop-down list that allows us to choose one of the years in the worksheet. When we choose one of the years, we want to see: (a) the total revenue, (b) the average monthly revenue, (c) the maximum monthly revenue, and (d) the minimum monthly revenue for all historical sales that occurred in the selected year. I already have a ptable made or whatever it is called.
Solved by E. E. in 18 mins
Please show the following information in a bar graph showing current and renewal for each next to each other. And then a space between the bars for the years. Employee Only etc. on the bottom, values on the left Please have current/ renewal color coded the same for each year (current blue/ renewal orange). titles for current / renewal and the years must be seen on the graph. This must be completed in one session maximum. thank you!
Solved by Z. J. in 27 mins