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I need a conditional formatting formula that includes color highlights at 150 vehicle hour intervals (green, yellow & red). The spreadsheet covers the span of a month as we enter data on a daily basis. The cells are running totals of the day prior but when the interval of 150 is reached, we would like to see a color highlight indicator for action.
Solved by B. C. in 25 mins
Wanting to automatically generate a chart from sheet1 to sheet3 that sorts by group name AKA column 1 headings (EXAMPLE 1, EXAMPLE 2, EXTRA,) and organizes it by color green,blue,yellow, then red. *Notice* that color is based on Conditional Formatting tool and is order specific in order to give me the coloring scheme that is wanted. For now we will ignore sheet2. Thanks
Solved by B. B. in 21 mins
I need to make a graph (pie chart) showing the % of each color from the conditional formatting.
Solved by X. C. in 15 mins
Hello, I want to change the font color for lines that have been updated. If a new position or new step is entered, the font colour of the entire row should be changed in orange. Column E > conditional formatting > manage rules > New rule > Use a formula to determine which cells to format Formula =IF(NOT(ISBLANK($E2)),TRUE) Format = Bold orange color Applies to : =$A$2:$F$2 How to replicate it to the following rows? The formula does replicate but not the Applies to For row 3 I should get Formula =IF(NOT(ISBLANK($E3)),TRUE) Format = Bold orange color Applies to : =$A$3:$F$3 Thank you
Solved by I. A. in 12 mins
. I have a spreadsheet that tracks the number of each one's Projects, and the percentage of those projects that have been completed. I have set up conditional formatting using the built in: "Format only cells that contain" and by using: "Between" and "Less Than" rules, that change color (Red, Yellow, Green), according to the percentages complete, as the year progresses and it is working perfectly. My objective is for the colors to change each month as the year progresses. I have formulas, (based on "Today" date), in cells under each month's column, that turns from "False" to "True" automatically, when we arrive at that month, Ideas?
Solved by C. S. in 29 mins
I need a conditional formatting formula that highlights a selected row when a cell has any data in it. I have tried LEN($AF3)>" " What I need to track is when a value of $0.00 or greater is entered, it colors a row. If I use just plain zero, even if the cell is empty, it colors the row. I don't want it to color fill unless there is data in the one cell
Solved by T. S. in 14 mins
I need a formula in conditional formatting that will make a cell a certain color based on what table that value is being drawn from.
Solved by B. W. in 12 mins
I need assistance with the following items 1.Using the Conditional Formatting, determine which students have provided over $50 for the fundraiser in Funds Received Column and also in Funds Pending Column. 2.Click on any cell in (A1:E22), and apply a design to your data: In the Styles group, select Format as Table and use a dark formatting option. 3.At Total row (E22 and F22), provide a Sum for the Funds Raised and Funds Pending. 4.Add the Title "College Fundraiser Project" by inserting blank lines. Change the font size of the title to 22, fill color with white background, darker 35%.
Solved by Z. Y. in 27 mins