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Trying to create an unique ID in cell ROW G when the text "MIKS" in ROW B is present. Im working with logistics. When we have 2 small pallets, we usually stack them on top of eachother. I need to give those two the same unique ID.
Solved by I. S. in 17 mins
what is the best way to copy excel table to outlook without bending it out of shape. I tried all option like keep formatting but the columns become narrow and long, and pasting as image is too small to see details. Please advise. Thank you.
Solved by F. Q. in 15 mins
Hi i have an index formula as below IFERROR(INDEX(Sheet2!$A$3:$A$26,SMALL(IF(1=((--(O$2<=Sheet2!$F$3:$F$26))*(--(O$1=Sheet2!$G$3:$G$26))),ROW(Sheet2!$A$3:$A$26)-2,""),ROW()-2)),"") the formula is looking if the match is in more than a column (O$2<=Sheet2!$F$3:$F$26))*(--(O$1=Sheet2!$G$3:$G$26) however i need it to look in any of the colums such as "or" i believe the "*" is for and. Can u help?
Solved by T. L. in 19 mins
I'm making a sheet for the Masters tournament competition. Each participant selects 6 golfers from field of ~80. Each participant has a column in table where an "x" corresponds to the six golfers selected. The golfers will play four rounds. I'm trying to make small function that builds an array of scores for the six golfers, and only counts 4 lowest scores for the round for each participant. My =SMALL(IF()) function returns a value error.
Solved by Z. Y. in 11 mins
Trying to make Masters pool spreadsheet. Using ArrayFormula(small(if( ))). Problem is if a golfer has same score, only first golfer on team is scored. Each Team is made up of 6 golfers, and only best 4 scores counted.
Solved by Z. Q. in 30 mins
I have a very small business. I'm trying to create an excel sheet to track debits and credits. I want an "overall" ledger, which I've created. But I want to also create tabs that give me a quick look at "by-category" debits and credits. For example, if the overall ledger has "Equipment" as the purchase type, it automatically copies all that formatted data (date of purchase, type, vendor, cost, etc) to the tabbed spreadsheet. I know it's an "if" formula, but need more guidance
Solved by K. A. in 15 mins
Hi I have a spreadsheet here that I am currently using. I work at a small repair centre. We have Platinum, Gold, Standard and Expired Warranty. We have specific timeframes we must complete repairs which is dependent on which warranty they have. Platinum up to 1 day Gold up to 3 days Standard up to 10 days Expired up to 30 days Void up to 30 days I need cell AC3 to look at cell H3 and J3 to see what warranty it is ; Platinum = P, Gold = G, Standard = S, these are all in H3 and in J3 ; Expired = X and Void = Void. I then need it to look at cell AA3 and for AC3 to say either ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ if the repair has been done within the time
Solved by D. H. in 16 mins
Hi, I run a small airbnb company with 5 properties. I want to create a calendar view in excel that shows every booking and inquiry for a unit. For instance, unit 1 has 2 bookings and 1 inquiries: Booking 1: May 5th - June 9th Booking 2: June 27th - July 8th Inquiry: April 10th - May 4th Inquiries will never overlap with bookings, but they may with each other (don't need to see distinct inquiries). The data: - each booking is a separate line item - each inquiry is a separate line item - only have start and end dates I'm having trouble because I can't do a vlookup or index function because it only returns the first instance.
Solved by D. D. in 28 mins
Hi, I was working with someone else and then your platform shut off... I run a small airbnb company. He was trying to make a calendar view of all the bookings and inquiries I receive. He made the booking piece work and then was about to solve for the inquiries part. I'm uploading the file
Solved by O. L. in 23 mins
I need to find the average of the 3 smallest numbers from a column - see columns T, U, V, W With the condition that they need to be higher than a certain number eg 60, 120, 180, 240. Currently, we have the following but its not quite right. =AVERAGE(SMALL(MINIFS(L:L,L:L,">60"),ROW($1:$3)))
Solved by X. J. in 23 mins