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conditional formating. I have columns of pricing which will go on sale. I have made the deductions in pricing on other sales, but they want me to round out the price so it comes out as 9 at the end. ex 3.45 should be 3.49. This is part of a merge I am doing for pricing labels. Is there a way I can add to that last column some kind of formating or formula that will say if price does not end in number 9, then change to number 9? Sending part of the file. I started working on excel over 20 years ago and have learned a lot on my own and using the old help lines they used to have. And I sense there is a way to do what I am asking. Right now after the last calculation, the SALE price I am adding by hand.
Solved by D. Q. in 15 mins
I need help with this question: A casino manager wants to introduce a Xmas game (that gives the customers an advantage). The Game: 1. A random colour machine displays either GREEN or RED. 2. Customer picks a colour and wins if their colour is displayed 3. A round involves 10 games. Of which GREEN is displayed 6 times on average (to give the customer an advantage) 4. Pay out is the stake x 0.7 (so if you select green and bet $1, your total return is $1.70 if green appears. But you lose $1 if red appears) (the customer still has a small advantage) QUESTION: What is the optimal betting strategy, to ensure that the customer wins $50 after every round (10 games) if the customer started with $100. Please help me with this question.
Solved by K. S. in 25 mins
Hi, Is there any way to get excel to round fractions to the nearest "1/x" value? I currently have a fraction shown as 4/953 and want this shown as a "1/x" value instead e.g. the denominator can be any value but I want the numerator to be 1. I realise that this will mean loosing accuracy in the value.
Solved by D. L. in 12 mins
How do I highlight a whole spreadsheet and ask it to Round up
Solved by G. L. in 29 mins
I need to round to the nearest whole number for a resource planning model that will round up if a given number is odd to the next whole number of team size.
Solved by E. E. in 18 mins
Hi I have a sheet where you have helped me before, I wanted to add a variable column to be able to change the calculation based on the number in the column. The differences sheet is also calculating the wrong way round
Solved by D. C. in 23 mins
I have a fully functional excel sheet displaying width and height in inches and I can look up prices for any size, I would like to display my sizes in centimetres too, although when I convert inches to centimetres I am left with numbers that are not whole, such as 32.2cm or 34.6cm instead of 32cm and 34cm. If I round up or down this might now be accurate and affect the price which I don't want to change, can you give any advice?
Solved by B. E. in 21 mins
I need a formula or a macro that will look for the round up to the nearest integer version of the number in cell D3 (without actually changing the number itself), find another cell in column B (which are all formula output and not pure values that were entered in manually) that contains that number, and highlight the row of the cell found as well as insert "Tag 1" into the D cell of the cell found and mark E3 "FOUND" if found and "NOT FOUND" if not found.
Solved by K. E. in 17 mins
I am making a league table for the Portuguese Primeira Liga. I have the fixture list, onto which I record results for every match day and by manipulation of formulae, this data updates the league table's info such as games played, won, drawn, lost, goal differences... I'd like it if the info from the fixture list would help me automatically update a sheet that has data for goals scored for each round for each team, as currently, I'm doing it manually and it's tiresome. Any proposed modifications welcome.
Solved by V. A. in 15 mins
Does not convert minutes into hours correctly. Also Need it to round up or down depending if it is 1.37 would convert to 1.00 if it is 1.38 would convert to 1.25.
Solved by I. W. in 14 mins