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The file name sheet part two is kept blank, use part 2 sheet to answer this question. Put a box around your answers. Round your answer to 4 decimal places. Information from the American institute of insurance indicates the mean amount of life insurance per household in the unites states is $110,00 with a standard deviation of $40,000. Assume the population distribution is normal. A random sample of 100 households is taken. A. what is the probability that sample mean will be more than $120,000? B. what is the probability that sample mean will be between $100,00 and $120,000?
Solved by C. F. in 29 mins
Use these data to construct a 98% confidence interval to estimate the average per diem expense for business people traveling to Johannesburg. Assume per diem rates for any locale are approximately normally distributed. Round your answer to 2 decimal places.
Solved by V. S. in 26 mins
The data is presented in the Price sheet. Use the price data and a population standard deviation (σ) of 0.113 to determine a point estimate for the national retail price of the product. Construct a 90% confidence interval to estimate this price. Round your answer to 2 decimal places.
Solved by A. L. in 20 mins
Please help as i need to group 100 members to 1 day and the next 100 members to day 02 which is in aerial numbers... please help Projected Count (Round Down) 34 91 75 43 28 100 89 75 121 98 99 61
Solved by B. J. in 19 mins
Then go to the worksheet “Proj. of Financials & Valuation”. Modify this worksheet to consider the following: The company at the end of 2017 is a private entity with a sole owner (the entrepreneur) who has 100 percent ownership. If AFN > 0, the company will issue new equity instead of borrowing money short term. Assume further that this money comes from a new round of equity financing. Modify the balance sheet to consider these new assumption. I suggest you open a new equity account to show the equity allocation of the new investor. If for example, the AFN is $100 in 2018, assume that an external investor will finance this $100 amount.
Solved by A. W. in 15 mins
I want to have a formula that when I put in a list of prices I can raise them all by 5% and would like the last number to round up to 9. Is that even possible.
Solved by Z. S. in 18 mins
Hello, I need to know how many origin airports have one way flights vs round trip. All information is in the subscription sheet. So basically in column C (the origin airport) have the most one ways, one ways are indicated in column N and have a 1 in the cell, the blank cell indicates that it is a round trip.
Solved by A. H. in 13 mins
I have an existing formula for a price list and I want to round all the values up to can i do that without messing up the existing formula? =E23/0.88 is the existing formula
Solved by D. J. in 28 mins
In Excel 2016 for mac, I need to print faint gridlines (I can do this) but if I do, I get a heavy black border round the print area. I want a much less obtrusive edge to the print area.
Solved by B. U. in 20 mins
Hi I am working on a spreadsheet that will be used at an event to keep track of contestant times lives and there is 6 rounds that I will keep track of times and showing the avg after each round. is there a way to formulate this ahead of time to show all avg's but do not show total on all 6 till the 6th time is entered?
Solved by D. L. in 21 mins