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need to tweak an index match formula to include a criteria
Solved by T. E. in 23 mins
My excel file is returning #REF error after clicking a userform. This is because the userform query is not executing if index match query correctly. But I am unable figure out how to change it to do the index match formula correctly. It's a macro file.
Solved by B. B. in 17 mins
i need to be able to type in the period number e.g. P1 into E3 on Sheet1 and bring up the figures from budget vs actuals FY18. Ive tried V and H lookups and an index match but cannot get it to work!
Solved by K. J. in 15 mins
I am trying to use Index and Match to return the first date something was billed. Conversely, eventually I need to find the same for the last date. Right now, I am using a simple index match based on the row number, but if the activity changes, I need to validate the activity on Sheet 1 with the description on Sheet 2. There needs to be some logic in the formula to match the description to ensure it is looking up the correct row. Thus the logic would be, lookup/match the description in column A, then lookup and return the corresponding date for the first column within the corresponding row with a dollar value in it.
Solved by M. A. in 29 mins
I tried to do an array formula but it won't take data from another worksheet in the workbook. Current formula is =index('Daily Report Log'!A9:A23, Match("*CFT*",'Daily Report Log'!M9:M23,0)) which I get the 1st date reference BUT not any other dates after. I'm currently using INDEX MATCH - which simply returns the first match ONLY. But there are multiple matches, that need to be listed. I need to see multiple matches listed. The data is coming from another worksheet within the workbook. Not on the same page.
Solved by F. H. in 24 mins
I am having trouble putting together text strings with an index match excel
Solved by C. J. in 13 mins
I keep getting #N/A when i do an index match, even though there is a proper match with the same formatting
Solved by E. S. in 20 mins
I am trying to clean up a spreadsheet to return only the data I need. However, the data is formatted very strange and in some rows I need only information let contains certain letters. I think the most helpful is an Index match but I am not sure how to do this correctly.
Solved by Z. H. in 23 mins
I am trying to edit the formula in on the "Clean" tab "Move In" column to enter a value of "N/A" when the relevant cell found in the excel match and index which is a blank cell
Solved by X. H. in 15 mins
I have created a small test sheet to check that the excel INDEX MATCH formula is working as I need it to. It seems to mostly work but randomly returns the wrong postcode for a couple of rows. I have highlighted this postcode in yellow on the lookup column and in green on the return column. This should match without issue like the other values that work fine (I dragged the formula down from D2). But for some reason the wrong postcode is being returned (highlighted in red).
Solved by A. H. in 12 mins