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Pulling data from one sheet from another with either vlookup, index, or if then?
Solved by T. U. in 20 mins
I'm having trouble with an excel index formula. I have a column of phone numbers, a column of countries and a column of area codes. I need to spreadsheet to look at the area codes in front of the phone numbers and then put in a blank column next to the phone numbers the country of which the area code belongs to
Solved by O. U. in 28 mins
Trying to enter a formula to show column header for highest value in a Row using INDEX and MATCH function. however my formula doesn't work
Solved by M. J. in 27 mins
Col 1, Col 2, Col3, Col4, Col 5 etc Row 1 = Name, Date 1, Date 2, Date 3, Date 4 etc Row 2 = Name1, 82, number, number, number etc Row 3 = Name2, number, 82, number, number etc I am wanting a summary Cell based on todays date that can be used to select the name of a person with a certain number. So the formula uses the same row references but the column reference will change relative to Today(). So, when Today is Date 1, Name 1 would display as it has 82 in one of the cells. If today was Date 2 then Name 2 would display as it has 82. I'm looking at Index Match but i don't know how to make the range dynamic in this way
Solved by I. B. in 17 mins
Hello! I have a table created that I would like to be able to look up information in. The table is of artists and the shots they are assigned, with each shot being it's own line and having it's own information. Is there a way to use INDEX or VLOOKUP to put in one person's name and get all the lines of information that is assigned to them?
Solved by A. B. in 22 mins
I am doing a vlookup, but the lookup value is references more than 1 time on my sheet, which references a different amount on the column index, I need to total sum of the multiple column indexs recalled by the multiple lookupvalue entered.
Solved by D. C. in 30 mins
cant get a index(match() or vlookup to work correctly
Solved by C. E. in 30 mins
Using Index match formula to populate a list. While it works fine for most of the names, it is repeating the names due the same shift times being the same. IS there anyway for excel to list the next name down?
Solved by Z. C. in 26 mins
I have a list of members, their dependents and everyone's date of birth. Each family has 1 unique identifying number. I need to assign the member's date of birth to each dependent under that identifying number (in essence giving the dependent the member's date of birth). The number of dependents will vary per member. I have tried countif vlookup, match, index but am stuck.
Solved by K. Y. in 27 mins
I have 4 columns: Last name, first name, department, shift List of 93 names with 9 different departments and two shifts (day, night) I want to list the names of each team on a separate sheet. =(INDEX($A$2:$D$93,SMALL(IF(($C$2:$C$93="SALES")*($D$2:$D$93="DAY"),ROW($A$2:$A$93)-MIN(ROW($A$2:$A$93)+1)),2))) I get #REF! error.
Solved by K. L. in 19 mins