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Lets say I have 5 Data Validation Drop down lists. List A, List B, List C, List D, List E All 5 drop down lists have 10 options Example 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10. How can I make it so that if List E has option 2 selected, that lists A,B,C,D reject option 2 as a value. As well as any future combination...
Solved by F. W. in 20 mins
I need to create drop down in excel. Please help
Solved by E. H. in 29 mins
I can't get the IFS function to work in the data validation excel 2010 drop down list
Solved by B. B. in 26 mins
DATA VALIDATION, yesterday one of your experts helped me, but that was not finished. the time run out.
Solved by Z. H. in 14 mins
Need a indirect data validation formula that works, but need to add an IF?THEN stmt to the formula on the "Source" line of the Data Validation tab
Solved by D. A. in 15 mins
I need to use an AVERAGEIF function that allows me to average a range of numbers that have individually attached 'Yes, No' drop down boxes underneath them using data validation. Within the range, I only want the average for the values that have yes underneath.
Solved by X. J. in 27 mins
I used a countif forumla (ex: =COUNTIFS('Data Entry'!A4:A650, "9/3/2018", 'Data Entry'!E4:E650, "Academic Advising"). It works. However, I can not figure out how to drag or paste the formula to go to the next week in my drop down box (using data validation list feature) from the Data Entry worksheet in the same workbook. (ex: next line should read =COUNTIFS('Data Entry'!A4:A650, "9/10/2018", 'Data Entry'!E4:E650, "Academic Advising").
Solved by E. C. in 21 mins
Hi, I'm trying to sort some kind of dynamic data validation list. I have attached a sample spreadsheet to assist. Under the project tab i have a heading called client name, next to it is a drop down list of company names pulled from the customer database tab. Once a company has been selected i would like the contact name dropdown box to only have the names relevant from that company (see customer database for full information) I will then use VLOOKUP to auto populate the correct information. Finally in the delivery address i would like this to pull the two addresses on file (see customer database) in a drop down list for selection.
Solved by G. Q. in 12 mins
I need help with my data validation and nested if formulas
Solved by D. C. in 20 mins
In the MISC sheet, the P column contains the 87 Items we work with. In the same sheet, the Q column contains an example of their costs (for each item there's a cost). I want the following to happen: In the ACTIVITY sheet, whenever I select an item in the C column, rows 6 to 20 (which already have Data Validation inserted), I want the corresponding cost of the selected item to appear in column D, rows 6 to 20. I would like this applied to all rows from 6 to 20.
Solved by C. J. in 30 mins