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I have named A1:A10 as Head1,A11:A15 as Head2 and A1:A15 as Head. Applied data validation to C1:C15, Allowed list with data between=Head. D1:D15 is having values. In D16, I want to add values of D1:D15, whose Name of C1:C15 belong to Head 1 only.
Solved by S. H. in 16 mins
Data validation issue with formula. Telling me that there is an error with my formula, but the formula has been in there for years. I don't want to lose my work.
Solved by E. F. in 11 mins
I have created 3 named ranges, A1:A5 as Head1, A6:A10 as head2 and A1:A10 as Head. Applied data validation to C1:C10 = Head. I want total of D1:D10, when values of C1:C10 belongs to Head1 only
Solved by D. D. in 17 mins
I have been using a code i found on Extendoffice that will turn a combo box into a drop down list using data validation and autocomplete and it has been working great, however my worksheet needs some additional organization. I would like to add a if statement into the data validation to only look at a certain range if a value in another cell is selected. The VBA code that i have been using will not support it. I cant send out the file that im using due to it containing sensitive information but i can supply the codes that im using.
Solved by E. J. in 16 mins
I need a data validation list with multiple if functions
Solved by F. B. in 25 mins
trying to count number of each package sold between two dates (using data validation list) - data includes: - date sold (B1:B10) - package sold on each date (D1:D10) (data validation list) - names of each package for drop down list: Q1:Q3 -start date and end date for each month (N9 and O9) this didn't work :COUNTIFS(D3:D5,Q2,B3:B8,">="&N9,B3:B8,"<="&O9) I also tried a formula I successfully used to total the earnings: SUMIFS(price,dates,">="&P25,dates,"<="&Q25)
Solved by O. C. in 12 mins
I need to fix the data validation I was using for this workbook
Solved by X. A. in 19 mins
I am trying to create a data validation rule excel that will only accept DATE values corresponding to the dates between 5/18/2018 and 5/20/2018. The problem is I keep getting an error telling me, "The date you entered for the Start Date is invalid." I have no clue why this error keeps holding me back. Please help???
Solved by V. H. in 24 mins
Hello, I need help with excel 2013 drop down list, setting up one for vendor names, which i am data validation pulling from a data base. The only issue i am running into is i need the cell to auto-complete text as you are typing in the vendor name
Solved by G. H. in 27 mins
I need to create a Data Validation dropdown list from a central product list but only show items that have another column or range of columns marked as active. Help please!
Solved by D. D. in 27 mins