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I need to know how to change a formula for an entire column at once. The only way I know how to do this is to change each cell individually and I have too many to do that.
Solved by V. B. in 12 mins
i want in one column to show the total balance of deposits and cks paid so i can keep track of my bank balance
Solved by M. H. in 29 mins
I need help to find the total number of Patient IDs in Column Y Per Doctor listed in Column AF
Solved by S. H. in 24 mins
I am having issues combining the "if" "and" "or" functions together in one formula. I need either or of two conditions to be true to result in the Tally field to yield the word "direct deposit". Clients can only direct deposit if the year is 2015... so that condition doesn't change...then either the use direct deposit field says "t" for true or the direct deposit field says "yes". people inputting the data used both fields. Any other should result in the words "no direct deposit" in the tally column. Please help.
Solved by T. Y. in 23 mins
excel formula to calculate if any in this column equal x then add the corresponding row value in column y together.
Solved by F. C. in 22 mins
excel formula to calculate if any values in column z equal x then add the values in corresponding row from column y together
Solved by E. E. in 19 mins
this is a Google Sheet assignment. I have multiple sheets. One master sheet called team alpha. This is a project planning sheet. I can assign tasks to different team members. When I assign the task, the task (row) copies into their own sheet - for example madsejstrup. The idea is, that the participant in his own sheet adds the amount of hours spend on the task. They do this from column Q to KJ. The numbers automatically accumulate in column P. The value here, has to be copied to the master doc called teamalpha - some of them in K, others in L, or in M. This has to be scripted. Is there someone who can do this for me?
Solved by B. J. in 20 mins
I don't remember how i can use the SI function with expressions. I need to create a new column for the "usage" column so M equals 1 and R equals 0 without having to do it one by one. Thanks
Solved by E. W. in 20 mins
I used the excel frequency count to count column. No problem so far. However if I were to change A2 from 13 to 93, I would expect to count in d2 to go from 15 to 14 and the count in d4 to go from 2 to 3. But it doesn't. Is this a bug or is the use of frequency completely static -- i.e. one you set it up you're stuck with the initial data? If so frequency is a pretty dumb feature. By the way, I'm using excel 2000, as I've found the newer versions extremely slow.
Solved by T. L. in 14 mins
trying to tell how many minutes passed from c column to d column . I need everything in minutes
Solved by X. J. in 13 mins