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Select cell F4 and make it an absolute reference to the row but not the column. c. Type )* for the closing parenthesis and multiplication.
Solved by X. H. in 24 mins
I want to auto fill a filtered column with a series list of numbers and then when I change the filter the numbers do not change, which is the problem I am having using a formula to accomplish this. Is there anyway I can copy and past to visible cells only in excel so that I can do a paste value and get rid of the formulas
Solved by F. H. in 20 mins
Formula to find duplicates in column a and corresponding column b is all blanks
Solved by B. F. in 25 mins
Trying to create a drop down list for a column
Solved by M. E. in 15 mins
How to lock the column headings to always be seen?
Solved by E. H. in 12 mins
I have two spreadsheets with lists of physician names and associated data. The lists have many of the same names (first and last in separate columns) but not all names are in both lists. I need to pull a column of data from one spreadsheet and place it on the second sheet by matching the physician first and last names.
Solved by S. Q. in 11 mins
I am trying to insert this formula: Linear Regression Model with M5 Method of Attribute Selection: M5fitPredictFAULTS = - 0.0516 * NUMUORS + 0.0341 * NUMUANDS - 0.0027 * TOTOTORS - 0.0372 * VG + 0.2119 * NLOGIC + 0.0018 * LOC + 0.005 * ELOC - 0.3091 Basically, my excel sheet has these variables at the top from left to right. How do I make it so I can have a new column (M5fitPredictFAULTS) with all the answers to the above equation
Solved by Z. C. in 28 mins
I am trying to construct a formula that will automate the cells under each month of the year based on whether it is a annual, semi annual, or quarterly frequency. I have the formula in the "next Service Date" column completed and it returns a value based on the previous service date and whether it si annual, semi annual or quarterly. My goal now is to have the cells under each monthly column populate based on the next service date.
Solved by K. B. in 24 mins
I have a column of cells with letters and numbers. How do I sum just the number? So example: Column A : Cell 1 - T5 2 - T5 3 - D6
Solved by K. W. in 16 mins
I need a column to show me which fruits have the most occurences in a row.
Solved by B. J. in 14 mins