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Here is what I'm trying to do: This is a travel grid for my office. When I mark someone in a specific hotel, I would like that hotel's rate to show up in the rate column. I think VLOOKUP would be the easiest. Or make this into a table and use VLOOKUP with a drop box option. I don't know. An added bonus would be that when I run out of a certain room type (NK, NQQ, etc) it no longer becomes a drop box option. Say the hotel only has 10 Non-smoking Kings available. Once I allocate those 10, the option is no longer available.
Solved by K. W. in 22 mins
If I have a column of numbers and I want to pull all numbers above 0 into a columns, but exclude all numbers below 0. How do I do that?
Solved by D. C. in 11 mins
Im trying to figure out what formula to use to tell a cell to get the value from the first non-blank cell above it in the same column.
Solved by C. L. in 26 mins
I created a table. Need to distribute to group and have them fill in some info. Want input to be from a drop down menu. How do I set up drop down menu for a column of cells. Will be a simple Yes or No. Or A or B.
Solved by S. L. in 24 mins
Im trying to make the calculation of TOTAL TIME in column E more functional when removing/adding new segments to the run-order spreadsheet
Solved by S. B. in 23 mins
Folks, I really need some help here. I will start backwards with the final result intended which is to have on the "OTB" tab a summation of the positive results of tab "What to Buy" column M along with column B. In order for this to happen, I need that "What to Buy" tab to be all cleaned up and have similar formating and formulas that work. This "What to Buy" tab generates calculations from the "Report" tab, which I drop in a few times a week to calculate what the buy plan is. I am sure that there will be many questions. I tried earlier on this site, and didn't get very far. I am hoping that someone else here can help me???
Solved by X. B. in 13 mins
I just received help on how to make H26 show 0 when there is a positive number; however, the value is used in a calculation below. Is there any way to use the positive number in the calculation yet show the value as 0? Also, I received help on how to calculate a formula for H37. Now I want to have the value in H37 reduced from the total in H39. H39 calculates a running balance and H 37 represents a payment. I can do this, but when I try to copy the formula to the next column, the amount is incorrect.
Solved by F. Q. in 17 mins
I've taken the personal information out of the document and just replaced with letters. But I need to be able to count the number of duplicate "user_id" rows, delete the duplicates, and add a column that totals the number of each "user_id." My document has over 10,000 rows with over 5,000 user_id's. Is this possible to do?
Solved by C. F. in 15 mins
I have made a list/database in excel (screenshot provided), which includes a column for dates, and one for invoice amounts. I would like to set up on a separate sheet (YEARLY TOTALS) a snapshot of each year. I.e. A table with the totals for each year worked so I don't have to keep using the filter function then adding the totals. I know there's a way of doing it but I can't work out the formula. Please help!
Solved by F. L. in 30 mins
I would like to sum the column 'Total' if I refer to a value in column 'Prog code'. For example, say, I am looking for prog code 70 then I would like to have the corresponding values in column 'Total' summed. So the answer would be 1300.
Solved by X. W. in 29 mins