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I need help with formula for percentage of total in excel. I have to have the the formula to tke the first cell divide by the second one, and end with a percentage
Solved by B. J. in 16 mins
I am trying to create an average in one cell ONLY when a percentage is used in a different cell.
Solved by D. W. in 16 mins
The realtor commission and estimated closing costs are based on the selling price and the respective rates The estimated property taxes are prorated based on the annual property taxes and percentage of year. For example, a house that sells six months into the year, the seller would pay 50% of the property taxes. Existing Mortgage Payoff is the amount still owed on the loan.
Solved by F. J. in 14 mins
I'm calculating salary data through a salary calculator that pulls data from various sheets, but sometimes the calculator doesn't pull data, so there are some different calculations within that sheet that rely on that pulled data, but I can't figure out a formula to either have the change in percentage forget the empty cell. With the formulas I tried, I keep getting circular references.
Solved by D. F. in 16 mins
On the Sales Data by Agent worksheet, enter a nested IF and AND function in cell H9 of the Bonus column to display the bonus percentage. If the employee is international and sold over $200,000 they receive 5% bonus (found in cell A4), all other employees receive 3% (found in cell A3).
Solved by I. S. in 20 mins
Need the formula to calculate the higher dollar only for any percentage over 100%. For example: Acres Farm. It should earn $780 ( 780 Units x 1.00) then 30% should be at 2.00. (180 units x 2.00) Total: 1,140 instead of 1,560.
Solved by G. L. in 15 mins
Hello, i work for a doctor and we have an excel sheet with multiple patients (in their own rows) and in those rows there is a date. Please help me find a percentage formula in excel multiple cells. I need to find the percentage of patients before a certain date and the percentage of people after that said date.
Solved by V. Y. in 28 mins
Hello, i just did a session but i dont really think i got what i needed, no worries of course it's kind of hard for me to explain. What i need is the percentage of patients with dates before 4/17/17 and the percentage of patients with dates after for each colored column, so in total 6 percentages (not numbers) of how many patients before or after said date. The percentage can be placed under the colored columns (green, red, and white ones) because those are the columns that i need the percentage to auto calculate.
Solved by Z. B. in 25 mins
What's the easiest way to find the range of the data of two data that contain with the total sales quantity and return sales quantity by simply a click of sale item name (like Pivot Table)?
Solved by S. Y. in 11 mins
trying to but this caculation in to a cell:- The following calculation process will be used to establish each individuals overall mark. The total number of skills assessed (which changes on what skills are taught could be 5 skills could be 26 skills) in each area x 5 = ? Score A (This is representative of the highest possible mark attainable) Participants Total score = ? Score B Participants total score (B) ÷ by the Total number of skills assessed Score (A) = Score C Score C x 100 = Over all percentage mark for that area.
Solved by S. W. in 19 mins