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Suppose a friend of yours told you that 10% of people in the population are left-handed. You randomly select 15 people from BSB123 and count the number of lefties in the sample, denoted X. Answer the following questions assuming people are either left or right handed but not both. • the formula of expected value of discrete random variable • the binomial formula for expected value
Solved by F. A. in 27 mins
I need assistance completing the following: 2. Continuing with the “Database” worksheet, follow the steps below: * Use the VLOOKUP formula to populate industry descriptions into the field “INDUSTRY DESC.” Industry codes and descriptions can be found in the “Database Glossary” tab. * PASTE SPECIAL the values in the “INDUSTRY DESC.” field back over the cells (to overwrite the formulas). * Use the COUNTIF formula (to the right of the table) to count the cells in column “I” where the error “value not available” occurred. (Tip: in the “criteria” field, make it “=#N/A”)
Solved by G. H. in 15 mins
I want to create a forumla that will recognise text in one cell, but then count the number in the cell next to it. is this possible?
Solved by D. J. in 20 mins
I would like to count how many of each answer has been given in a column and total this up for me in a separate cell
Solved by O. J. in 11 mins
My staff fill in timesheet calculator where 1 cell represents 30 minutes work. They fill the cells with project codes. The project names and codes are on a separate spreadsheet which we use on sharepoint via a web browser, with the file saved on our server, The project codes are updated and used constantly on sharepoint, with new codes/ projects added every few hours. I need the filled in timesheet to have a table which shows the project name, project code and hours spent. This would be a count x 0.5 of the cells, looking up the project name and code.
Solved by X. W. in 11 mins
When I try to use this formula to write to cells it executes the first 2 but has a run time error on the 3rd. I tried using Formula instead of Array and it doesn't work either. Sub Fill_Formulas() Application.ScreenUpdating = False Application.Calculation = xlCalculateManual Range("Table7[Multi Horse]").Formula = "=COUNTIFS([Race Entered],[@[Race Entered]], [Rider],[@Rider])" Range("Table7[Count for Pref]").Formula = "=MAX([Multi Horse])/[@[Multi Horse]]*(COUNTIFS(H$11:H11,H11,J$11:J11,J11))-1" Range("Table7['# to make the draw]").FormulaArray = "=IF([@[Draw '#]]>0, [@[Draw '#]],IF(OR([@[Race Entered]]=EventtoDraw, EventtoDraw=""), MAX(IF([Race Entered]=[@[Race Entered]],[Draw '#]))+SUMPRODUCT(([Race Entered]=[@[Race Entered]])*(['# for Drawing]<[@['# for Drawing]]))+COUNTIFS(H$11:H11,H11, C$11:C11,C11), ""))" Range("Table7['# for Drawing]").Formula = "=IF([@[Draw '#]]>0, "",IF([@[Draw Pref (0-10)]]>0, [@[Draw Pref (0-10)]],IF([@[Multi Horse]]>1,[@[Count for Pref]],RANDBETWEEN(0,1.5+MAX([Multi Horse])))))" Application.ScreenUpdating = True Application.Calculation = xlAutomatic End Sub
Solved by K. J. in 13 mins
Hi, I would like to create a machine maintenance excel sheet. My machines have a 500hr, 1000hr and 2000hr service interval and i would like those intervals to count down as I enter the current increasing machine hours. The tricky part is being able to reset the intervals easily after a service is completed. I would also like a countdown timer at the end of the row which counts down 365 days, but resets every time a 500hr service is reset. So I would like 5 columns per row, Current hours, 500hr service, 1000 hr service, 2000hr service and 365 countdown. This one might be a bit ambitious, I think Excel can do it as it is really just numbers counting down and up but i believe the reset function will be the tricky parts. Thanks for your help.
Solved by C. W. in 22 mins
Trying to do a countif but be able to have the count change to only .5 if data is entered into adjacent cell
Solved by I. H. in 14 mins
I need to count number of dates from a timestamped date in column from the completed date column to show the number of days. I have not successfully been able to do this. I am a novice Excel user. Can you help?
Solved by O. B. in 23 mins
I would like to look count the number of sales orders that contain two specific material codes, and am unsure how to phrase the formula.
Solved by M. A. in 20 mins