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I have a set of data that has Country, Company, Job Title, and a Count of available people. I want to return the top 3 companies with the highest count per country, per job title. I thought to use the LARGE function, but this returns the top 3 values for ALL countries/job titles. I am trying to use an IF statement within the large excel function to filter the count range based on the country/job title, but i can't seem to work out how.
Solved by F. Y. in 28 mins
Need to do the vlookup and count the spaces in data
Solved by F. H. in 17 mins
I'm trying to create a excel sheet which enables me to have a column where i can set a formula in each sell to say 60 days count down, so when a number is put in that cell it starts to count down then once it reaches the 60 days it transfers to another cell. is this possible. I'm trying to do this for invoices. so when the invoice comes in there is a 60 day paying policy i can input the amount and then it automatically transfers to another column after 60 days.
Solved by X. W. in 23 mins
A list of supervisors for final year projects is given in the area E2:E52 and a supervisors name is given in the cell G6 a function taking the form = -------(E2:E55,G6) is typed in Cell H6 to count how many students each supervisor is supervising. Type in the name of the function to be used
Solved by A. W. in 23 mins
I want to count how many time a product appears in the cell with respect the sale date
Solved by D. S. in 20 mins
I am trying to find the right formula to calculate days, hours and minutes between set times. Such as 08/20/17 04:32 to 08/21/17 10:30 would be 1 Day 6 Hours or 30 Hours. Every formula I have tried only gives me hours and won't count days or hours over 24.
Solved by B. F. in 13 mins
Hi I am trying to write a formula where across the rows, it looks for instances of double digit numbers, returns the number of double digit numbers, and the number(s). so row:11, 28, 77, 89 same row, count and values: 2,11,77
Solved by M. J. in 28 mins
Hello, I sorted and deleted some information from a spreadsheet. How do I reset the number count so it is in order?
Solved by K. Q. in 24 mins
Hi, I have two columns. One with Y or N in it and the next with a number if it. I need to do a formula that says count the number cell if the letter cell = Y
Solved by X. Y. in 18 mins
Attached Input Test 2 is the last of several attempts with failed entries commented out. In VBA code attached to a Userform I am having trouble identifying the actual cell address in the price list using the value chosen from the combobox so that I can make that the activecell from which to offset two columns for the quantity entry. I have tried to use mixtures of Address, Index and Match Functions but just cannot make it work. Userform has one combobox and one input box. The combobox is populated by the prices entered in Col. A of the worksheet. The Inputbox will contain the quantities received against each price which is to be input in a column offset by 2 from the price. Input will be from between 20 and 60 documents each containing a mixture of items at different prices. Each document will be entered into individual columns so I will use a Count to increase the offset by 2 for each document with the Counter showing in a textbox on the Userform. Any assistance will be appreciated.
Solved by S. Q. in 16 mins