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Tell us about your problem: Formulas, Charts, Pivot Tables, or other spreadsheet questions

We'll connect you to a chat with a professional expert in seconds

We'll connect you to a chat with a professional expert in seconds

Collaborate with your expert over a chat messaging session for 20 minutes. Need more time for your solution? Your session will be extended for 20 minutes

Collaborate with your expert over a chat messaging session for 20 minutes. Need more time for your solution? Your session will be extended for 20 minutes

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What other users are asking

I’m working on a modeling sheet to calculate bonuses for my sales team. Column C has the names of the account managers, I want to group the Purchase Orders by manager and sum the values of each sale.
Solved by H.P. in 11 mins
Was great to have an expert walk me through this. Will be much faster working on similar sheets in the future! 10/10.
I’m having trouble making my graph. There's a column in the table that should show up in the chart. I tried the textbook reference I found online, but it doesn't work.
Solved by P.K. in 20 mins
My expert was friendly, patient, and above all extremely helpful if not critical to the completion of my task. He deserves serious recognition!
I have two data sets with differences between them. There are over 5,000 rows in my file. I need to find the differences between the two files quickly. Formula help?
Solved by A.K. in 20 mins
Whenever I need to solve something difficult in Excel, I come here and ask my problem. Your experts are awesome and solvemy problems effortlessly.
I attached a spreadsheet that has two data sets, one in Column A, one in Column B. Please help me use a formula to find the hour-minute-and-second difference between each row of the two columns.
Solved by P.S. in 15 mins
I used the service for the first time today and it was absolutely fantastic! The expert has given me a formula that I can use in all of my spreadsheets of this kind - incredibly useful! Thank you.
I have a business spreadsheet. How do I create a stacked chart with my data? Need to show initial cost totals separated by department.
Solved by D.M. in 12 mins
I received quick and accurate advice on how to do something in Excel that I had never done and didn’t have a clue how to do. It took less than 15 minutes to get exactly what I was looking to accomplish. Thanks!
I need a pivot table that consists of users, contact ID, and dates. I need to be able to count only the first date entry for each contact ID per user.
Solved by A.C. in 20 mins
My expert was quick to respond, broke down the problem for me, provided me with a clear explanation, and I even had time left over to look through the Excel sheet and ask final questions.
I am trying to use VLOOKUP but I can't find the right answer searching online. Format of cells is in percentages. Pleasetake a look at the sheet I uploaded!
Solved by A.J. in 18 mins
Fast service! Problem solved in minutes after spending hours on my own. Expert saved my day!

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