Democratizing Conversational AI

Leverage conversational intelligence AI to eliminate tedious, manual work for quick ROI on your automation strategy.

Self-discovered flows, and self-trained virtual agents or virtual agent assistants, based on state of the art NLU and NLG models, let you focus on NPS, CSAT and CX.

Conversational Intelligence AI can power all your digital and voice channels

Dual Mode Assistive AI

Human in the loop

Set up AI assistants that can be embedded into Analytics portals, CRM desks and Service Desks to increase productivity dramatically.

Fully Automated

Improve deflection rates and lower costs by automating away multi-turn repetitive tasks. Only privacy sensitive or human empathetic conversations should require an agent

Beyond No Code: No flow building,
no paraphrasing, no manual training

Self Discovery
A Transformers based AI Self-discovers all conversation topics flows, intents and responses for you to approve.
Self Training
Deploy and publish flows intents and paraphrases to our Dialog Engine or to an industry standard Dialog Manager (Dialog Flow, Microsoft Bot Framework etc).
Self Optimization
A Transformers based AI model self-optimizes the flows, intents and responses responses for you to approve for ongoing training.

Expert technologists from Amazon Alexa, Microsoft, Google, Oracle built TrueNLP™

Top notch R&D

Deep technical team leverages strengths in AI to productized open source AI models for advanced NLU & NLG not just simple NLU.

Flexible product

Product development experts built a platform that works with our own Dialog Manager or any other DM such as Google Dialogflow and others.

Multi cloud architecture

Infrastructure and security experts architected a platform that protects data on customer premise while hosting AI models in the cloud.

Open for Partnership with World-Class Organizations Looking to Drive Digital Transformation for their Clients