Introducing Bertrand

The BERT based No Code Conversational Agent

Retrieve information from any SQL Database.

Currently in Beta Testing for Conversational Analytics, Customer Service Chatbots & Voice Assistant Skills.
Chat with your data

The Fastest Path to a Flexible Conversational Interface to Your Data, in Your Database


Choose any conversational app: Slack, teams, web app or voice agent

Conversational Interface

Choose any dialog manager for your core intent processing: Lex, Luis, Watson, etc.

Fast training time, for any database schema

Within one week, a complex data warehouse or CRM database can have a Conversational AI.

Got It’s Conversational AI platform consists of two main components

Bertrand: A BERT enabled deep neural network that is capable of retrieving information using the right SQL queries against your database. No Code.

An ML Training Service that requires only some schema information and some query logs (no actual data from your database).

Training Service Platform: Experts in Spreadsheets, Data, and Queries from all over the world

We’ve knocked out the traditional issues of getting access to scalable training datasets. Our on-demand experts are available 24x7 to start labeling your database schema and queries.

What our Pilot Customers are doing

Got It’s No Code Conversational AI Platform for Databases gives our pilot customers the fastest path to conversational interfaces for Q&A on databases, business analytics, and database-driven customer service chatbots.

Universities tracking student academic progress using a chat-based web Q&A application
Product Team tracking metrics of business
Customer Service agents using a chatbot to retrieve arbitrary customer information

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