Democratizing Conversational AI

Go beyond simple chatbots with powerful yet easy to deploy AI automation for cost savings and focus on higher value tasks.

Eliminate tedious manual work with Got It AI’s automatically created flows, intent paraphrases, response paraphrases and No code fulfillment. Then, automate with confidence and ease.

Conversational AI based on Got It’s TrueNLP™ technology
More natural, less constrained user experiences, yet easy to deploy and manage

Beyond No Code: No flow building,
no paraphrasing, no manual training

Self Discovery
A Transformers based AI discovers all conversation topics flows, intents and responses for you to approve.
Self Training
Deploy and publish flows, intents and paraphrases to our Dialog Engine or to an industry standard Dialog Engine (Dialog Flow, Microsoft Bot Framework etc).
Self Maintenance
A Transformers based AI model self-optimizes the flows, intents and responses for you to approve for ongoing training.

Fully automated virtual agent or auto detection of when to transfer to a human

Fully automated

Up to 20% of your non FAQ service issues can be resolved by fully automated deflection, saving costs and enabling focus on higher value activities

Agent transfer

With automatic detection of service staff intervention need, up to 50% of issues can be resolved with seamless context transfer saving valuable time.

20% full deflection and 45% partial deflection
Excelchat: Microsoft Office Partner for Premium Service

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