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User gets stuck in-product.
An AI is available in 1 second to assist.
Expert available in 30 seconds as back-up.
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NLP+Human-in-the-loop collaboration

Turn users of your product into highly productive people and rabid fans

NLP+Human-in-the-loop collaboration

“I’m here to make it easy for you to use the product. Let’s start with...”

Tech Support

“It’s not a bug. That’s a feature. I’m sorry, we don’t support feature usage. Please check our blogs.”

Users who have saved hours or days with Got It have this to say

Spent hours and hours of Googl'ing, and it was solved in less than 4 mins. Site Bookmarked! Thanks a lot.
I literally wanted to ball my eyes out before I reached the representative that helped me. They were EXTREMELY patient and helped work through my issue... I will definitely use this service again.
Like i learnt a great deal from our discussion. Before finding got it pro i looked to freelance programers, they wouldn’t have explained and taught me things like my expert has, it’s not an overstatement to say my expert and got it pro has saved me hundreds. Im soooo happy with this product, thank you
They were amazing and saved me the cost of a new computer..by breaking it from frustration :)

How we 10X the user productivity of your SaaS or PaaS product

Add Human-in-the-loop AI to your Product

Experts available to collaborate in seconds

Your users will love the speed and exceptional service. 95% SLA, 5-star user ratings, and 30-second connection time.

Data Exhaust → Deep Learning

Your product team will love it. The data exhaust feature generates excellent product feedback.

AI for your Product

Once trained, the AI assists users with Experts as back-up.

Customer data is always secure and private

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Excel & Google Sheets

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Google BigQuery

Querychat AI
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