For the first time, your database or spreadsheet can be AI trained to chat in English.

Leveraging Google BERT & our Deep Neural Network, we enable business users to chat with data and make data driven decisions, much faster.

Unified chat interface, Slack, Teams or Voice Assistants
Chat with your data
Does this look familiar?
Then your data grows and your user base grows. Is this how you’ve been scaling?
Then your data grows and your user base grows. Is this how you’ve been scaling?
A Better Approach: Got It’s Deep Learning NLP
AI Automates Low-level Data Manipulation & Analysis Tasks
Let AI create your pivots, queries and visualizations
Just chat with your data! Visualize in ANY tool
Step 1. We manage Crowdsourced Training Data creation
Workflow for managing Data Experts
Step 2. A Custom AI model is built for Your data
Workflow for a Fast, Automated, Approach
Schema based Custom Labeling
Proprietary Training Process
Tuning your AI Model
1 week from start to finish!
Step 3. Easily manage Users, Security, Questions, Results, Dashboards
Efficient, Organized Workflow inside your Company
Data Experts are available in 30 seconds, 24X7,
 to complement Your AI
We deliver high accuracy AI models. But, if you need help: We’ve got Your back.
Lower your Costs, Increase your Speed
Consumption Based Pricing
Leverage your existing SaaS licenses
 Got ItTraditional Analytics
PricingBased on # of Queries Unlimited Users
Unlimited Users
Based on Number of Users
Leverage your Existing User LicensesSlack, Teams, Tableau, Looker, Power BI, Office 365 and GSuiteVendor specific licensing
Lower your CostsSmaller BI teams, 10X more efficientHire more business and data analysts