Cloud based AI is changing Analytics and
Customer Experience Management

Have it both ways: Amazing outcomes from state of the art technology

The Most Advanced NLU Model offered as a comprehensive No Code data access platform bringing enterprise data to any portal, chatbot or virtual agent. Seamlessly. Securely.

As the first Transformers based Deep Learning product for SQL data, Bertrand has extended Google’s BERT NLU model, trained on 3.5 billion words, to understand complex, enterprise class database schemas.

Got It does not replace chatbot frameworks or dialog agents. It works with ANY framework including Dialogflow, Luis, Watson, Lex, SAP Co-Pilot and more.

Bring not just your CRM data; Bring ANY enterprise data into context driven conversations.

The first product of its kind, Got It Conversational AI platform is powerful, easy to set up, adaptive and multi-cloud capable.
It can integrate with any dialog manager or chatbot framework such as Dialogflow, Luis, Lex, Watson and others.
A Bi-Directional Transformers (BERT) based NLU Model pre-trained on SQL and Schema definition constructs, fine tunes itself to your target database schema
No Code approach with Easy to use UI for setting up sophisticated Intents that previously required custom code
Adaptive Self Learning system creates recommended queries for target databases for new intents as they are discovered
Cloud based AI models work seamlessly with on-premise or VIrtual Private Cloud databases so data never leaves the premise
Got It Platform Architecture
Powered by a Conversational Database Engine
Database driven Intent Detection resolves Conversational questions into executable SQL queries, or into recommended queries for modification or approval by a human in the loop

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