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In this article, we will learn why is it is important to fight with SQL Server errors and what are three the most common Microsoft SQL errors.

Why do we need to handle errors in the code?

During the SQL Server work errors can appear while entering the information in the form and users have to be notified about the appeared errors. Fortunately, such errors are predictable. But, unfortunately, there are unpredictable errors that must also be considered. Errors can appear when we make some mistakes in the code, even if they are small. Errors cannot be ignored, as they can cause incorrect data to be presented to a user or transferred to a database, what makes the database corrupted. Fighting errors is the way to a job well done.

There is a wide variety of errors that can occur during the SQL Server work. Here you can see the full list of Microsoft SQL Server errors. In our article, we will learn the top 3 errors from this list.

Microsoft SQL Server Error 5172

The SQL Server saves its physical database in the original file, in which the information is divided page by page. The header page, which is the first page, contains information about the header of the MDF file, its file size, signatures, etc.

Error 5172 may occur when trying to connect an MDF file to the server, and when something in this file is broken, whether it is the file itself or its header. For this reason, it becomes impossible to get data from it. Why file may be damaged? There are many reasons for this, such as a system or server crash or a virus.

Microsoft SQL Server Error 823

SQL uses the Windows API for two actions. The first is that it performs the input and output operations and completes them. The second, the SQL Server checks all API calls for errors. If the SQL Server finds an error of compatibility with the operating system, it displays an SQL Server message about the error 823.

Error 823 means that there are some problems with the storage computer hardware. Or else an error occurs during an input and output request that may be caused by the driver. When can 823 occur? For example, when the database file is damaged or there are some contradictions among its files.

Microsoft SQL Error Server 8946

The main cause of Microsoft SQL error 8946, is the destruction of the SQL database page headers due to power breakdown, virus attack, devices crash and this is why the SQL Server can no longer read the database. When the header is corrupted, the whole database data is corrupted. This can lead to data disappearance.

What can be done to solve the errors?

First, it is much better to prevent problems than to be unprepared for them. This is why it is always good to have a backup for our SQL Server database. Backup does not protect against the possibility of errors but protects against the loss of important data. It is easier to resolve issues with errors that occur when you know that the data is safe.

Second, when the data is safe, we can use SQL Server database repair software to repair the files and solve the errors.

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