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How to List Sheet Index Numbers in Excel

We can utilize a formula that is based on the SHEET and INDIRECT functions to list the index numbers of sheets in an excel workbook. In this article, you will learn how to list the sheet index numbers in excel using these two functions.

Figure 1: List sheet index in excel

General syntax of the formula

=SHEET(INDIRECT(name & “!A1”))

Understanding the formula

With the above formula, we can list the sheet index numbers in excel. As seen from the formula above, the SHEET and INDIRECT functions play a vital role in helping us get the sheet index numbers.

How the formula works

  • The SHEET function tries to evaluate the text as a value reference. This helps to pull the sheet name from column B and then concatenate it with an exclamation point and the text A1:
  • After that, the INDIRECT function coerces the text “SHEET1!A1” into a valid reference.
  • This is then passed through the SHEET function which returns the current index for each of the sheer listed in the workbook.

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