Create and Use a Dynamic Worksheet Reference in Excel

When working in Excel, you might want to reference a worksheet whose name or other variables could name. In these cases, you would want to use a dynamic reference instead of a static one. 

Using a dynamic worksheet reference in Excel

The INDIRECT function in MS Excel can be used to formulate a formula that determines dynamic sheet name.

The general formula that is used to determine dynamic worksheet reference is as follows;

= INDIRECT(sheet_name&“A1”)

Figure 1: Dynamic worksheet reference:

The formula that is used in figure 1 is as follows:


Explanation of formula

The INDIRECT function is used for this purpose which acts as a worksheet reference:

In figure 1, the sheet names are in column B, so it is referenced or joined with cell A1.

The formula becomes:

=INDIRECT (“sheet1!A1”)

The INDIRECT function identifies it as a valid function to cell A1 in sheet1 and returns with the value 100. A similar process is followed in all the cells.


The data must not contain any type of spacing or punctuation otherwise it will give errors.

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