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Create and Use a Dynamic Worksheet Reference in Excel

We can create a dynamic worksheet so that cell references can be variable instead of hand-keying them. A dynamic worksheet can be created with the INDIRECT function. The easy steps below will walk through the process.

Figure 1: Result of the Dynamic Worksheet Reference





Setting up the Data

We will set up the data by doing the following:

  • We will name the first sheet as reference worksheet by right-clicking the plus sign enclosed in a circle as shown in figure 2 and click on rename
  • We will create Sheet1 to Sheet4 by clicking on the plus sign enclosed in a circle

Figure 2: Dynamic reference worksheet

  • We will input the following values into Cell A1 in Sheet1, Sheet2, Sheet3, and Sheet4 respectively: 1000, 2000, 3000, and 4000

Figure 3: Sheet 1 to Sheet4 containing Values in Cell A1

  • We will input the data as shown in figure 4 into the reference worksheet

Figure 4: Inputting the sheet names into the reference worksheet

Using a Dynamic Worksheet Reference

  • We will input the formula below into Cell C4 of the REFERENCE WORKSHEET:


Figure 5: How to Use a Dynamic Worksheet Reference

  • We will press enter

Figure 6: How to Use a Dynamic Worksheet Reference

  • We will use the drop-down feature to get the values for the other sheets

Figure 7: Result of the Dynamic Worksheet Reference


The INDIRECT function works by evaluating text as a worksheet reference. Here, the name of each sheet is joined to the cell reference (A1) using concatenation:


Once concatenation is done, the result is:


The INDIRECT function will recognize the value in Cell A1 of Sheet1 and return the value. The same applies when we use the drop-down feature for the other sheets.

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