How to Use VLOOKUP by Date in Excel

The VLOOKUP function is an inbuilt Excel function that is referred to as a LOOKUP function to perform a vertical lookup in any table of excel. It is normally used in a worksheet of Excel by becoming a part of a formula in any cell of a worksheet, and can be used to search for dates.

How is the VLOOKUP function used in Excel?

To use a VLOOKUP function, we require a table with lookup values. As we are using VLOOKUP by date in this case so the function will search for dates in the first column of the table. It will look for particular dates and will retrieve the values from the next column. The whole method of how to use the VLOOKUP function as a formula by date is detailed in the further section.

Formula or Syntax


Parameters or arguments of SUMIF function

Excel VLOOKUP function uses the following arguments:

  • Value(date): The particular date that will be searched in the first column of the table.
  • Table: It determines the range from which to retrieve data. You need to enter two or more columns of data.
  • Index_number: The column number from which the data is to be retrieved. It will be the column number of the table you entered in the previous argument.
  • Approximate_match: It can be marked as TRUE or FALSE. Mark TRUE if you want an approximate match and false if you want an exact match.

Example of formula

Here we will apply the formula in the Excel Worksheet and understand how to use VLOOKUP by date step by step:

  • In the example, we have a table from C10:D20. And in cell F10 we have a date for which to look.

Figure 1. Table of dates


  • We applied the VLOOKUP formula and entered the values.


The table array is the range C10:D20, and we have entered the column index as 2, because the amounts to be returned are in the second column of the table. Finally, FALSE is written as the final argument to find an exact match.

Figure 2. Inserting VLOOKUP Function

  • The formula returned the desired answer. The VLOOKUP function located the date 14-10-18 and returned the answer as $34.00.

Figure 3. The result of VLOOKUP

Notes on usage of VLOOKUP function:

  • There must be valid excel dates in the table_array.
  • There must also be valid excel date in the lookup value.

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