Lookup value between two numbers

Generic FormulaLook Up Value Between Two Numbers



The LOOKUP function can be used to lookup the value between two numbers and deliver a commensurate result. To do this, the LOOKUP function and a sorted table will need to be used.



  • Lookup_value is the value that will be searched – which can either be a number, logical value or TRUE or FALSE, or a reference to a cell. (Required)
  • Lookup_vector is the data to be searched. Usually, it is one-dimensional and must be sorted in ascending order. (Required)
  • Result_vector is the list from which the value will be returned. It is also one-dimensional and must always be the same length as the lookup_vector (when supplied).

How this formula works

When looking for the LOOKUP value between two numbers, the function performs a rough lookup in one range (lookup_value) and returns the value that corresponds in another range (result_vector).

To better understand this, let’s take a look at an example


Figure 1. Lookup value between two numbers

The table above can be used to better understand the Lookup function. In our example above:

  • Each value in the column labeled “Input” represents a lookup_value.
  • Each value in the column labeled “Minimum” represents the lookup_vector.
  • Each value in the column labeled “Result” represents the result_vector

For our example, we used only the minimum values since LOOKUP automatically matches the next small value once it can’t find a match for the value it is searching. So, if we were to rewrite our formula to match our example, it will be given as



When looking up values between two numbers using the LOOKUP function, note the following:

  • When an exact match of the lookup_value is matched in the lookup_vector, a commensurate value in the result_vector is returned.
  • In the absence of a match, LOOKUP traverses the lookup vector until it finds a larger value, then it moves back to the previous row and returns a result.
  • When the lookup_value is greater than the largest lookup_vector value, LOOKUP returns a result linked to the last lookup_vector value.
  • Lookup_vector values must be sorted in ascending order.


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