Remove characters from right

If you have a set of data written in excel sheet which is containing both numerical data as well as characters and you want to extract only the numerical data from the sheet which is done when removing characters from right, then this article will help you. The function that can be used to extract numerical data is known as the LEFT and LEN function. This function is applicable to any data having both numerical data as well as characters.


The general formula for extracting numerical data is as follows:

= LEFT (text, LEN (text) – n)


This formula can be used to remove characters from the right of the data. In the figure below, we can see that there are six characters with each of the data in column C. SO the formula will include 6 as n so that all the six characters are removed. Once the characters are removed from the data, this results in the extraction of only numerical data in Column D as shown in the figure below:

The formula that was used to extract data in the figure below is as follows:


Figure.1: Removing characters from right


The formula working is simple, you just have to enter the number of characters that you want to be removed from the data which indicates “n”. Once you enter the exact number of characters in the formula, it removes the characters and only numerical data is left which is the desired result. The formula is applicable in many cases when the result is desired in the form of numerical data. For any reports that do not need numerical data, the LEFT and LEN function is not applicable.

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