Excel UPPER Function

As you are aware that there are three text formats; lower case, upper case, and proper case. You can adopt any of the formats while entering text strings in Excel. But if you want to convert a given string or text value into the desired text format then Excel has built-in functions to do so.

For example, you can convert the given string or text value into lower or upper or proper case easily by using these functions. Here you are going to learn how to convert a given text string into the upper case by using Excel UPPER function.


Excel UPPER function allows you to convert a text string in all uppercase, without affecting numbers and punctuation. It is categorized as String/Text Function.


Excel UPPER function syntax is;

=UPPER( text )


Text – This parameter is the string you need to convert to uppercase. It can be entered directly or a cell reference in Excel UPPER function, such as;





Excel UPPER function returns a string or text value as uppercase of the same string. If you have supplied a lowercase or proper case string or text value in Excel UPPER function, it will convert it into the uppercase string or text values without affecting numbers and punctuation present in that string or text value.


Suppose you have inserted text strings in lower case and proper case formats along with numbers and punctuation and you want to convert those strings or text values into uppercase strings or text values. By using Excel UPPER function you can easily do that as shown in below table.

Image Title:UPPER_function_Excel

As you can see all lower and proper cases are converted to upper cases, but punctuation and number are not affected by using Excel UPPER function in column B in the above example.

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