Excel RIGHT Function

Sometimes we might need to extract only given numbers of characters from a given text string. In Excel, we make use of the RIGHT function to perform this operation where this function extracts a given number of characters from the right side of a supplied string text. Let’s say for example RIGHT (“RED”,1) this returns “D”.



Parameters or Arguments

text (required): Represents the text string from which the characters to be extracted.

num_chars (optional): Represents the number of characters to be extracted from the right. The default value is 1.

Note on the usage of the RIGHT function

  • Use this function when you want to extract characters from the right side.
  • The Excel RIGHT function can also extract digits from numbers.
  • It returns one or more characters.

Note on examples of Excel RIGHT function

  • Apart from the extraction of characters from a text string, it can also be used to perform other operations when combined with other function in Excel, some of the operations include :
  • To get top-level domain from a list of domain names, to convert text to date, to get the last word from a string, to increment a number in text string, split numbers from units of measure, remove trailing slash from URL, split text string at specific character, split text and number, convert text to numbers, convert text date dd/mm/yy to mm/dd/yy etc. .


      1. Let us consider an example of strings text as shown an extract the characters as specified in the num-char parameter. The result is obtained is shown below.

Figure 1. The Excel RIGHT function used to extract the characters from string text as required

      2. Let us use this to extract digits in numbers as given in the example below. This result in successful extracting of digits from the right side by using the Excel RIGHT function.

Figure 2. The Excel RIGHT function used to extract digits

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