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Excel PROPER Function

Want to learn more about how to capitalize words in a text string using an Excel formula? This post will give you an overview of how to use the PROPER formula to capitalize words in a given text string.




The PROPER function in Excel is categorized as a text based function. It will automatically capitalize the first letter of each word in a cell. As is common in financial analysis, we often import data from many external sources, using the PROPER function will help us convert entire text into the proper case if required. It’s very easy to use.

Use the Excel PROPER function to capitalize each word in a given string. All letters of each word in the text will be converted to lowercase before the 1st letter of each word is capitalized. Numbers and punctuation are not affected by using this function. It capitalizes the first letter of each word in given text string and all other letters in the text string that follow are converted to lowercase letters.


In the example below, text strings entered in column C contain a lowercase and uppercase letter. In column D you can convert these text strings into proper case format using the PROPER function by entering the following formula in D6:


Figure 1: Example of capitalizes words given text string

The PROPER function will automatically reformat the complete text so that all words are capitalized all following characters are converted to lowercase text.

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