Excel LOWER Function

The Excel LOWER function is used to convert all the letters within a specified string into lowercase format. Those characters that are not letters (numbers) remain unaffected by the function. In addition, if any punctuation is present, it will also remain unaffected.


The syntax for Excel LOWER function is:

=LOWER (text)


The purpose of this function is to convert the text into lowercase. It is a String/Text function and can be used as a part of the cell formula within a worksheet. The parameter of “text” specifies that only text value needs to be converted to lowercase format, excluding numbers and punctuation.


The below example figure shows how Excel LOWER function returns the given values as lowercase values. AS it is clearly evident that the function placed in cell B5 will display the result of:


The result will be displayed a “basketball


The result shows that numbers and punctuation remain unaffected, but only text value is converted to lowercase as “tel:12345


The result will be #hello_world but please be noted that the punctuation remains intact.

More examples can be shown as ALPHABET is converted into “alphabet” and CHICKEN SOUP will be converted to “chicken soup”.

Figure 1. Result

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