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Excel DOLLAR Function

While using Excel worksheet, the excel DOLLAR function is used to transform any number to text employing Currency number format. The same result can be also achieved through TEXT function.


The formula for excel DOLLAR function is given below:

=DOLLAR(number, decimals)


A number represents any number which we want to convert. Whereas, decimals shows the total number of digits present on the right side of the decimal point. Its DEFAULT value is 2.


B4:B8 range contains a number we want to convert into currency format using DOLLAR function. Then the formula is inserted in cells C4:C6 to get results (See screenshot).

Figure 1 Example of Excel Dollar Function


  • 2 is the default value for decimals. In cases when number have negative decimal places then rounding will take place on the left side of decimal point.
  • The function name and currency symbol employed is conditional to a language used by the computer.

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